10 Sep

What to Wear with your Favorite Pair of Leggings


What can you wear with leggings?

We have a better question for our readers. What can’t you wear with leggings?

Leggings are so incredibly versatile, and at this point, it’s probably safe to say that it is more than socially acceptable to wear them out and about outside of the gym or your sunrise yoga class. Today, you’ll see them at restaurants, clubs, sporting events, and even workplaces!

Though leggings can really go with anything and everything, there are a few types of clothing that look especially dazzling when paired with them. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best things you can wear with your favorite pair of leggings.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Ah yes, the ever-popular cozy sweater/leggings combo. There’s nothing quite like it.  There are a couple reasons this pairing has been on-trend for years. From a fashion standpoint, a loose sweater provides an aesthetically pleasing contrast to a pair of skin-tight leggings. From a comfort standpoint, it’s simply top tier.

There are a few different styles you can shoot for this fall. This cropped fleece pullover with a pair of black leggings is the perfect option for a casual day outside. For something a little dressier, you might opt for this lovely blue ivory sweater.

Trench Coats and Cardigans

Long outerwear, like a trench coat or lengthy cardigan, looks awesome with leggings. Maybe it’s because it adds a little body to the ensemble that leggings on their own lack. Or maybe it’s because leggings and a trench make you look like a super cool secret agent. Whatever the case, it’s a great combination.

For a look that’s absolutely fierce, you simply must check out this black trench coat. Play into the super spy vibe by pairing it with black leggings, or wear some fiery red leggings for a perfectly punk ensemble.

When it comes to cardigans to be paired with leggings, the longer the better, which is why we’re in love with this lengthy burgundy and taupe cardigan. You can pair it with some matching leggings and a neutral top to create an easy look for heading out with friends!


Even if you’re not headed into the office, a blazer is such a great pairing with leggings. As outerwear, they provide a little body and volume to the upper half of the outfit. As blazers, they provide a defined shape that looks really nice with equally defining leggings. Even if you’re going for a casual look, don’t be afraid to grab the blazer from your work suit and don it the next time you decide to wear leggings.

Just take a look at this chic burgundy blazer. With a black top and the right pair of leggings, you’ll have achieved the perfect blend of professional and casual, and look ready to give a presentation and go out with friends afterwards!

Not all blazers are so professional. You can benefit from the shapely effects of a blazer without borrowing from your collection of work attire. This wild taupe and black zebra print blazer would look stunning with some black leggings and boots!

Faux Fur Anything

Fur and leggings are a match made in heaven. Whether that fur is in the form of a fluffy sweater or some luscious outerwear is up to you. No matter its form, fur serves as a voluminous contrast to skinny leggings. Plus, you have the added bonus of experiencing the warmth and comfort of faux fur, which is especially important if you live in an area where autumn days can be as frigid as a cold winter’s night.  

For a look that’s classy yet fun, we recommend this lime faux fur vest. You can wear it with a neutral sweater and some matching leggings the next time you go out to party!

When the fall weather gets especially chilly, try a thick faux fur coat with boots, leggings, and a knit sweater. You’ll look and feel fabulous.

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and boutique owners to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing they buy. We hope you’ve discovered a few interesting ways to style your leggings this fall. Be sure to check out our wide assortment of fall pieces to find some potential new additions to your boutique or closet.

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