20 Jul

Very Small Boutique Design Ideas, Wholesale Items to Include

Very Small Boutique Design Ideas and What Wholesale Items to Include - WFS
Believe it or not, there are many very small boutique design ideas to consider. Here are all the details you need to know. Designing the layout of your boutique must be done with careful thought and planning. Each space of your boutique serves a purpose, to draw in the customer and give them an enjoyable experience. Your boutique’s theme and variations of your theme should be apparent throughout. It should all blend from the color scheme and artwork to the furniture. Below are some very small boutique design ideas with a lot of power. The Entry When customers enter your boutique, they are leaving one world and stepping into another, your world. Those first few steps into your store will influence your customers in...
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14 Jul

What to Consider When Searching Wholesale Jewelry Vendors

What to Consider When Searching Wholesale Jewelry Vendors - WFS
There are many wholesale jewelry vendors out there. How do you choose the one that's right for you? Read further on for details. Wholesale jewelry vendors are middlemen between the manufacturer or designer and you. They source necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and more by purchasing bulk quantities at a discounted rate. Then, they do the same thing with you, giving you a discount when you purchase bulk. If you are searching for wholesale jewelry vendors, you have likely already discovered the process can be more challenging than buying wholesale clothing. Certain expectations are placed on jewelry items you must try to meet to make customers happy. Finding the right wholesale jewelry vendors is a big task. However, there are guidelines you can follow...
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6 Jul

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Clothing for Women

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Clothing for Women - WFS
Finding the best wholesale clothing for women can be tricky as there is a lot to consider. Read more for guidance. If you own a clothing boutique, you want to provide your female customers with items that will help them stand out in a crowd (in a good way). You want them to feel and look their best in the outfit they purchased in your shop. Choosing the best wholesale clothing is not something you can do on a whim. There is a process, with proven steps, to help you successfully supply your customers with great products and bring in profits for your boutique. First, you must buy wholesale. What is Wholesale Clothing for Women? As you search for clothing items to resell in...
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27 Apr

9 Tips on Buying Wholesale Layering Necklaces for Your Customers

9 Tips on Buying Wholesale Layering Necklaces for Your Customers - WFS
Buying wholesale layering necklaces is beneficial for you and your customers. Here's why and what you need to know. First things first, layering necklaces is a hot trend, one you want to apply to your boutique's sales. Layering necklaces means wearing two or more necklaces together to create a unique, attention-grabbing style. The best thing about this trend is that hundreds, maybe thousands, of ways to layer necklaces. Below are nine tips on buying wholesale layering necklaces for your customers. 1. Look for Pre-Layered Necklaces Many manufacturers create necklaces that are joined together during creation. The pros of pre-layered necklaces are that designers will not combine necklaces that don't look great together. They do look great, and you can guarantee your customers will match,...
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6 Apr

7 High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Must-Haves

High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale - WFS
Finding the best wholesale fashion jewelry can be an important task. Here are 7 tips for finding high quality fashion jewelry wholesale must-haves. Jewelry is a must-have for your boutique. Customers buy jewelry in various ways: a gift for a friend or family member, an accessory for their wardrobe, or an impulse buy. Your job as the boutique owner is to find the perfect fashion jewelry, display it in a way that convinces your customers they need it, and then enjoy the profits. Working with a wholesale supplier to purchase fashion jewelry will give you the greatest deals on the trendiest accessories, like the seven high-quality fashion jewelry wholesale must-haves below. 1. Fashion Watches In a time when many people use their cell phones...
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18 Feb

The Importance of High Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing

The Importance of High Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing - WFS
Why buy high quality boutique wholesale clothing? Here's a helpful guide with tips to keep in mind. Customers want and deserve the best prices, the best customer service, and the best clothing quality. They want to spend money on an outfit that looks great, feels great, and will last for years. Clothing matters more than you may think. Today, it’s true you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to clothing. Many clothing items are advertised one way and arrive completely different. Because they are so cheap, buyers end up keeping them to avoid the hassle of a return. This does not make your customers happy. High quality clothing will make them happy. Below are the reasons behind the importance of...
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11 Feb

What to Consider When Finding Wholesale Bulk Clothing Vendors

What to Consider When Finding Wholesale Bulk Clothing Vendors - WFS
Wholesale bulk clothing vendors can be tricky to find. You want the one that best fits your top needs. Here's what to consider. If you own a clothing boutique, there is one thing you must get right, the clothing. The clothing you sell must have three wow factors: style, quality, and price. Since you don't have the time to visit every wholesaler in the world, or the worldwide web, finding one that can provide clothing with all three wows is your new goal. So, what should you consider when finding wholesale vendors? We have the answer below. Consider Location Sure, today, you have access to wholesalers across the globe, but there are disadvantages to consider. Like, what if you order bulk clothing from China...
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