1 Feb

Incorporate Wholesale Jewelry Into Your Customer’s Mardi Gras Outfits

Incorporate Wholesale Jewelry Into Your Customer’s Mardi Gras Outfits - WFS
If your customers celebrate Mardi Gras, like millions of others around the globe, you know that the party begins on Fat Tuesday or the day before Ash Wednesday. For some, Mardi Gras is one day; for others, it is several weeks of parades, parties, and celebrations. What your customers wear to a Mardi Gras event is important. It shows their personality, passion, and commitment. Those wearing elaborate costumes, colorful wigs, purple and gold beads, and sky-high platforms are all in. Most people are only partially committed. They want to join the fun but can only do so for a short while before returning to work or home responsibilities. For the occasional Mardi Gras patrons, it’s essential to incorporate the right jewelry pieces...
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30 Jan

Include These Simple Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her in Your Boutique

Include These Valentine's Day Gifts For Her in Your Boutique - WFS
As a boutique owner, you may not be a wholesale jewelry supplier yourself, but by buying from one, you can offer your customers a wide range of high-quality jewelry options at great prices. In this article, we'll discuss some simple Valentine's Day gifts for her that you should include in your boutique, and we'll also highlight the benefits of buying from a wholesale jewelry supplier. Classic Jewelry Pieces Valentine's Day is all about expressing love and affection, and what better way to do that than with classic jewelry pieces? Diamonds are a timeless symbol of love, and a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond pendant necklace is sure to delight your customers. Another classic option is a pearl necklace or a...
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23 Jan

Why Inclusion Matters When You Buy Wholesale Clothing

Why Inclusion Matters When You Buy Wholesale Clothing - WFS
Inclusion and diversity have been hot topics for many years, and many significant changes are happening. There have been improvements in the workplace, education, politics, restaurants, and more.  Although we are moving in the right direction, we still have a long way to go. One area that is just recently starting to adapt is the retail industry. Statistics on consumer experiences to date prove that retailers must focus on inclusion. 38% of consumers trust a brand that shows they are inclusive 71% expect brands to promote diversity and inclusion in all marketing efforts 59% are more loyal to inclusive brands You may ask, what is inclusion, and how does it apply to a clothing boutique? Inclusion vs. Diversity Inclusion goes hand in hand with...
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11 Jan

Wholesale Boutique Accessories that Will Catch Your Customer’s Eyes

Wholesale Boutique Accessories to Catch Your Customer’s Eyes - WFS
We get it; purchasing wholesale boutique accessories to resell in your boutique is exciting. You get to look, touch, and try on fabulous items you think your customers will love. Making someone look and feel great is your mission, and having the perfect accessories is crucial. Not all boutique owners hit the mark when buying accessories for their boutiques. One reason may be that they don’t focus on target customers and instead make purchases based on personal preferences. Another reason is that they misunderstand what is meant by eye-catching wholesale boutique accessories. Below, we get back to the basics to help you avoid these mistakes and hit the mark every time you purchase wholesale boutique accessories. What Are Accessories? When we said back to...
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30 Dec

Stock These 7 Types of Jewelry To Provide a Variety for Customers

Stock These 7 Types of Jewelry To Provide a Variety for Customers - WFS
Types of Jewelry Jewelry statistics show that married females between the ages of 25 and 34 spend the most money on jewelry. Annually, the average American spends less than $100 on jewelry, and the average household spends a little over $400. Statistics also show which type of jewelry sells the best each year. Among women respondents, 87% reported earrings, 64% necklaces, 53% rings, and 47% bracelets. Among both men and women, necklaces were the top seller. Now that you know the top four categories, it’s time to narrow them down to specific styles. Below are seven popular types of jewelry to provide a variety for customers. 1. Pendant Necklaces Whether it’s a diamond solitaire, charm, or oversized natural stone, the pendant necklace is hot right...
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15 Dec

How a Quality Wholesale Supplier Can Help You Open a Boutique

How a Quality Wholesale Supplier Can Help You Open a Boutique - WFS
Boutiques in the United States are small stores or shops selling niche products that cater to a specific customer looking for something they can’t find elsewhere. Boutiques typically offer customers a place to buy high-end, higher-quality merchandise. With that comes higher prices and higher profits if you work with a quality wholesale supplier. If you're going to open a boutique, having a quality wholesale supplier lined up will simplify the process. What is a Quality Wholesale Supplier? Wholesale suppliers are companies that sell products in bulk at a discount. The more you buy, the greater your discount. They work directly with manufacturers and offer a great variety of merchandise options. For example, a wholesale supplier sells more than just clothing. They will...
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12 Dec

Women’s Holiday Outfits to Add to Your Store

Women's Holiday Outfits to Add to Your Store - Wholesale Fashion Square
As a boutique owner, the holidays are when big sales happen if you have the right outfits in stock. People throw parties to host and attend from Thanksgiving to New Year. These are not the ugly sweater and gag gift office parties, either. Holiday parties range from fancy to fun to formal, and you need to supply the perfect women's holiday outfits for your customers to match. It’s essential to think about reaching your target customer before you start buying holiday clothing. Think about age group, career, and types of parties they would attend. Are they going to the annual exclusive country club’s formal gala? Were they invited to a themed party? How about a church program followed by caroling in...
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6 Dec

2023 Fashion Trends: Spring Outfits for Women

2023 Fashion Trends Spring Outfits for Women - Wholesale Fashion Square
Customers may just be beginning to search for Christmas outfit ideas, but fashion month is over, and it is time to start planning spring outfits for women that keep up with the trends. While the past few years have focused on loungewear and bling, Spring 2023 is heading in a decidedly different direction; think classics like tailored blazers and drop earrings. Keep reading to learn about the five hottest trends to incorporate into your store's spring outfits for women. 1. Baggy Denim Denim is always in style, so it's a safe bet for any fashion brand. But one longtime trend that is on its way out is skinny jeans. You've probably seen plenty of pix on Instagram of people proudly sporting their 'Mom...
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29 Nov

Fashion Jewelry Sets: Guide to Mixing and Matching Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry Sets Guide to Mixing and Matching Jewelry - WFS
Mixing and matching jewelry is a hot new trend. If you mix and match your jewelry, you will get noticed for good or bad. So why not wear your fashion jewelry sets well? Matching means choosing the right colors, patterns, designs, and materials to complement you, your mix, and your overall style. Mixing involves blending ingredients; in this case, the ingredients are the jewelry you wear. You combine something with a group to make it look like they were always meant to be together. Mixing and matching do not mean throwing on your favorite items without a plan. Doing so can lead to overspending on low-quality jewelry that doesn’t mix or match. We’ve put together a guide to mixing and matching jewelry...
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2 Nov

Winter Wholesale Clothing: 7 Trends for the Holiday Season

Winter Wholesale Clothing 7 Trends for the Holiday Season - WFS
Depending on where you live, winter can mean something different. For some, brutally cold is an understatement, with temperatures below freezing and snow that sticks around until Spring. Read on to learn how to incorporate holiday trends into your purchasing of winter wholesale clothing. For others, winter can mean wearing pants instead of shorts or switching flip-flops for closed-toe shoes. Fortunately, the Winter 2022 trends apply to every region. They are easy to recreate for every budget and personality. Your goal is to make your customers look and feel like they have just walked the runway. You also want them to feel like they got it on sale. Buying winter wholesale clothing can make this a reality. Why Buy Winter Wholesale Clothing? Winter wholesale...
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