18 Sep

Blast From the Past: Top 80s Fashion Trends Today

As the saying goes, everything old is new again. Whether you like it or not, the looks so beloved from the fabulous 1980s are back in style. From shirts to purses, customers are browsing boutiques for clothes and accessories that remind them of their past. So, this fall, be sure to stock up on all of the 80s-style products that customers are searching for. Need some ideas? Keep reading below to hear about out modern twists on vintage styles that you can utilize in your boutique!

Totally 80s

Madonna, Whitney Houston, Cindy Crawford, and Cyndi Lauper- icons of the global 1980s fashion movement. So many of the fashion pieces they pioneered are all the rage this fashion season. Think: everything you love about 1980s fashion with the benefits of the 2010s staple pieces.

Scrunchie Party

It’s hard to talk about the return of 80s fashion and NOT talk about the infamous hair accessory called the scrunchie. Whether you are on your way to the gym or to dinner, a scrunchie is the perfect accessory for a trendy outfit. Opt for a monochromatic scrunchie with a more colorful outfit and a funky patterned scrunchie for a less colorful outfit. Wear a scrunchie on your wrist or in your hair for a real throwback look. Scrunchies are not only functional, but can lift your hair, and outfit, to a new level!

Shine Bright

Neon has been slowly creeping its way back into fashion popularity over the past 10 years in the form of outfits seen in clubs and on catwalks. Wearing neon helps you and your outfit stand out against the crowd. Bright, fluorescent greens, yellows, and purples are great for a go-to pair of bottoms that will jazz up any outfit you wear. Style these bright pants with a muted or dark top for an all around 80s look that you can rock in 2019! Or, opt for a totally neon look with a brightly colored jumpsuit or romper!

Funky Sunglasses

What better accessory for the late August heat than a great pair of sunglasses (Psst. Check out “5 Summer Sunglass Trends to Revitalize Your Wardrobe” from earlier this month)? Opt for a more traditional wayfair frame for a classic 80s look or choose a sharp cateye retro style pair for a spicy, end of summer outfit. No matter which sunglass style you choose, you will strut into the start of fall in fashion!


It’s no secret that metallics are a great go-to in a wardrobe. A great metallic jacket is perfect to throw on when the fall months start to get a little cooler. Metallic sneakers are great for daytime wear and can be replaced by metallic pumps for a stylish nighttime look. Stick to metallic accent bracelets and understated colors for a 2019-approved 80s look.

Sparkle and Shine

Sequins will make your outfit shine (literally). Fun sequin dresses that were all the rage back in 1985 have returned in their most sparkly form! Incorporate a vintage style denim jacket and basic white sneakers with a sparkly dress for a casual day look. For night time, style your sequined dress with bold makeup and neutral shoes and jewelry.

Welcome to the Jungle

Ready to look fierce this fall? Animal prints are your best bet. Incorporate a leopard-print shirt with basic jeans or jean shorts. Go for a bolder look with animal print pants and bright accessories. There are countless ways to style any animal print from cheetah to leopard. Embrace the flair of the 80s with a wide range of iconic animal print dresses, shirts, bottoms, and even scarves this fall.

Statement Earrings

There’s no better way to make a statement than with earrings. And with 80s themed earrings, the possibilities are unlimited. Style your funkiest 80s outfit with a pair of bold, chunky earrings. Style a neutral toned outfit with bright, fluorescent jewelry (maybe even incorporate some of that animal print, sparkle, or neon in your jewelry)!

Embrace the 80s

The 80s are back and better than ever! Embrace the sparkle, print, and metallics of this iconic era in fashion with a wide selection of items from Wholesale Fashion Square. Buy clothing that your customers will love to wear this fall.

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