11 Sep

Back-To-School Pieces To Help Your Shoppers Ace Every Class

Back-to-school season is a very important time for any clothing retailer.  Even if your shoppers aren’t all getting ready to sit in classes for five days a week, something about the end of summer and beginning of the fall season makes everyone wanna get serious about their academic or professional goals.  Fall is the most exciting fashion season and it is important for your store to have pieces that are not only appropriate for school or work, but are also on-trend.

Be sure to have the stylish, put-together inventory that your customers are looking for to take them into this fall season.  Keeping these school essentials in stock is a great start:

Cute Bags

There’s nothing like having a fresh book bag to start off the school year.  Similarly, getting a new gym bag, wallet, wristlet, coin purse, cosmetic bag, or keychain can be an equally needed purchase that someone may not make every day.  Fall is the perfect time to buy your next bag.

Fun Hair Accessories

Detailed headbands, layered barrettes, silky hair ties, and other pretty hair accessories can really clean up a look and make a simple up-do way more interesting. Adding a headband to a sleek ponytail can upgrade your whole appearance.  Also, putting your hair back shows that you mean business: with your hair up and out of the way, you can focus on whatever you need to accomplish.

Include hair accessories near the checkout area for customers to make an impulse purchase.  They won’t regret it when they are running out the door in the morning with just enough time to throw their hair in a bun.

Layerable Basics

Including great basic button ups and sweaters in your store is always a smart buy.  Teach your customers how to layer these basics to create a complete look that is unique, stylish, and smart.  Showing customers how to layer these basics on your displays or through your sales associates will inherently make them want to buy more to mix-and-match.  Being able to create many different looks from just a few pieces is sure to excite your customers, increase average dollar spent, and maintain high conversion rates.

Not to mention, layers are very important in the fall when the weather is volatile, classrooms are either too cold or too hot, and people are busy morning until night.  Stock up on the best basics for your store–they’ll sell super fast.

Sharp Pants

There are few clothing items that shows that a girl means business more than a statement pant.  Stock up on patterned and colored dress pants, dark corduroys, and lots of denim for the fall season. The great part about a statement pant is that it is so easy to pair it with any neutral or other complementary top. 

Make sure that all of the pants your store offers are properly pressed and steamed to be sure that they make the best impact on your customers.  Pants are usually a higher margin product than tops which makes them a great sales focus.  Also, they often get customers into the fitting rooms, which is known to increase conversion rates relative to customers who do not try anything on.  If you can sell a girl a pair of pants, you can also often sell her at least a couple shirt options to go along with it.

Comfy Dresses

Wearing a dress is a great way to be sure that you are dressed up enough for a class presentation, work event, or another semi-casual work occasion.  Stock your stores with plenty of comfortable, work and school appropriate frocks that your customers would look forward to wearing and buying.  It will turn into a closet staple!

Business Clothing

You never know when the right academic or professional opportunity will strike and neither do your shoppers.  Making sure that your store is stocked with some clothing fit for the office will make your shoppers very thankful when they hear last minute about an interview for an internship, a big company presentation, or any other occasion that requires them to be dressed like a boss.

If your store is missing any of these items, please visit WFS.  We have trendy women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessories at 50-70% below typical  wholesale prices.

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