20 Nov

Women’s New York Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends

Women's New York Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends - WFS
Boutique owners everywhere look to the New York fashion industry to learn about new trends and styles. New York does not disappoint this year, making the upcoming fall and winter months a fashion adventure. New York is home to the top design schools, designers, and retailers. Fashion Week occurs twice a year, but there are hundreds of other events, fairs, and shows where boutique owners can find the perfect wholesale clothing and wholesale jewelry for their customers. When you own a business, you must find ways to please your customers and make money. Shopping wholesale is the best way to make this happen. Buying wholesale means you purchase items in bulk at a discounted price from a wholesale supplier. If you are...
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11 Sep

California Wholesale Fashion Events: Prepare for Fall Styles and More!

California Wholesale Fashion Events: Prepare for Fall Styles - WFS
Retailers looking to stock boutiques with the best Fall styles and trends are in luck. California has some of the best wholesale clothing shows and events. You can find it whether you are looking for high-end, casual, formal, or gender-neutral fashion. Here are some of the most anticipated upcoming shows: Los Angeles Kids Mini-Market, September 10-13 International and American fashion for kids will be displayed at the L.A. Kids Mini-Market, perfect for retailers who can't attend the October Kids Market. In the heart of the L.A. Fashion District, you can find fashion for kids of all ages and sizes. You can visit hundreds of showrooms, meet designers, and make incredible contacts.  Showroom Sample Sales, Last Friday of Every Month, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00...
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10 Jul

The Best of Texas Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends

The Best of Texas Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends - WFS
If your thoughts on Texas fashion are bootleg jeans, cowboy boots, and wide-brimmed hats, you will be blown away by current trends. Texas fashion trends reflect the numerous cultures, including Native American, Mexican American, wild west, rodeo, ranching, and even Southern Belle, to name a few.  The latest trends are a great blend of designer runways and high-function styles. Boutiques are building relationships with wholesale clothing and jewelry suppliers offering affordable quality and beauty. Below are examples of the best of Texas fashion. Blue Jeans Believe it or not, blue jeans almost became the official state costume of Texas back in 1977. While the proposal was turned down, blue jeans have become a must-have for wardrobes. Blue jean trends are plentiful and include...
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6 Dec

2023 Fashion Trends: Spring Outfits for Women

2023 Fashion Trends Spring Outfits for Women - Wholesale Fashion Square
Customers may just be beginning to search for Christmas outfit ideas, but fashion month is over, and it is time to start planning spring outfits for women that keep up with the trends. While the past few years have focused on loungewear and bling, Spring 2023 is heading in a decidedly different direction; think classics like tailored blazers and drop earrings. Keep reading to learn about the five hottest trends to incorporate into your store's spring outfits for women. 1. Baggy Denim Denim is always in style, so it's a safe bet for any fashion brand. But one longtime trend that is on its way out is skinny jeans. You've probably seen plenty of pix on Instagram of people proudly sporting their 'Mom...
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