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The Advantages of Buying Wholesale Clothing

The Advantages of Buying Wholesale Clothing | WFS

Buying wholesale clothing includes many advantages, some that may surprise you. Read further details.

Opening a retail business is exciting. You can envision customers entering your boutique, loving the items on the shelves, and making big purchases. To make this happen, you’ve got to find clothing and accessories your customers will love. You must get them at a price that allows you to profit but isn’t too costly for your customers. You want it to be a win-win for everyone.

There are tips you can implement to make this happen, like buying wholesale clothing. Below are some of the advantages of buying wholesale clothing.

1. Access Latest Trends

Wholesale suppliers purchase from manufacturers that are busy creating the newest trends in the fashion world. Working with a wholesale company, you get access to information, like trends. It takes the guesswork out of purchasing clothing for your customers.

2. Lower Costs

Purchasing wholesale clothing means you get a lower price upfront because the supplier got a lower price from the manufacturer. Wholesalers have a lot of products to sell. Therefore, they offer discounted pricing to avoid having leftover products later. Also, wholesale purchases mean buying in bulk. This is another way you get lower costs on clothing. With each piece added to your order, the price lowers. The lower the cost, the higher your profit margins can rise.

3. Shipping Options

Buying wholesale clothing also means you can get better deals on bulk shipping costs. As you build a relationship with the wholesaler, you can negotiate special prices. They want to see you succeed, and they want to make you a long-term buyer and are willing to get creative when it comes to ensuring you both reach success.

If you are limited on storage space, you can work out a shipping schedule so you don’t have to wonder where you will keep the items that can’t fit on your shelves.

4. High Quality

Trends and costs mean nothing if the quality of the clothing is poor. Working with a wholesale clothing company, you work with two companies, the wholesaler and the manufacturer. This means your product has traveled only one time before shipping it to your store. Ordering from non-wholesale companies, you can expect clothing to travel to numerous places, some inside the country and some outside.

The less your clothing travels, the less likely it will be damaged, and higher quality can be expected. Also, working with the right wholesaler means you will learn a great deal about the manufacturer and their practices, materials, and more.

5. Great Variety

Your customers want unique options to match their personalities. Some prefer neutral colors; others want vibrant clothing. Some want floral patterns; some want stripes. Buying wholesale clothing gives you access to variety. Because you get a heads up on the latest trends, you can stock your boutique shelves with wholesale clothing before your competitors, giving you an edge.

6. One-Stop-Shopping

Owning a boutique requires you to multi-task daily. You can free up time when it comes to buying wholesale clothing, giving you extra time to focus on marketing, store design, and other essential tasks. Wholesale companies are one-stop shops. You do not have to spend time attending trade shows, searching numerous online stores, or making calls. You can log on to a wholesaler’s website and purchase everything you need to stock your boutique, from clothing to accessories to gifts.

7. Helps You Scale Up

If your boutique is booming, and it will be, you may entertain the idea of opening a second store. Or you may want to start selling online. Buying wholesale clothing makes it easy to scale up. It gives you quick access to more of the clothing and accessories already selling out in your boutique. As your business grows, you will not have more free time. You will have less time, so buying from a wholesale company means all you must do is place a larger order.

8. Never Go Without Stock

Buying clothing wholesale means you aren’t on a waiting list or backorder for the products your customers crave. Because wholesalers buy in bulk, they can quickly ship you additional products if you are running low.

If you want to plan a huge promotional event, you can work with a wholesaler to prepare. With excellent customer service, ordering clothes and accessories you want for the event is easy. The best part is that you receive them in plenty of time.

9. Small Batch Options

Buying clothing wholesale is not always about buying in large batches. Many wholesalers have small batch options too. Choosing small batches comes in handy when you want to test an item in your store before making a large purchase. If your customers love the product and it sells out quickly, you can easily make a larger wholesale purchase and have it shipped within days. If your customers do not love the product, you have less to mark down and sell for lower profit margins.

10. Easy Terms and Conditions

Working with a wholesale company doesn’t mean lengthy, hard-to-understand distribution agreements. Terms are simple and can be developed by working with the wholesale company. They make sure everything is in writing, so there are no surprises later. As you build a long-term relationship with your wholesaler, the contract may be adapted if necessary if it will benefit both of you. An example of a contract change could be when payments are due. If it is easier for you to pay at the end of the month rather than the beginning, wholesale companies are often willing to work with you.

11. Professional Product Photos

Marketing the products in your store must be a priority. However, you don’t have time to find a model, photographer or set up a photo session. Plus, that costs money you need to spend elsewhere. Clothing wholesalers have already taken care of this, and you can use their photos to market to your customers.

Final Advantage

A final advantage of buying wholesale clothing is that suppliers are happy to answer questions to help you make the most informed decision to make your boutique successful.

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