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Wholesale Winter Clothing: What You Need This Season

Wholesale Winter Clothing: What You Need This Season | WFS

It’s that time of year! As the cold air arrives, these are the wholesale winter clothing you need right now.

The days are shorter, and the temperatures are dropping. Winter is here. But cold weather doesn’t mean your customers can’t look fantastic. When they stroll into your store this Winter season looking for some retail therapy to boost their mood, give it to them. With the right wholesale clothing pieces, you can help your customers look hot, even on the coldest days.

We’ve created a go-to list of wholesale winter clothing your customers need this season. Each piece offers a trendy dimension to an overall collection.

The Bell Sleeve Top

When you think “bell,” your first thought may be bell bottom pants from the seventies, which we think are still very cool.  Today, however, there’s a new “bell” in town. Bell sleeves are trending this Winter and can be found in dresses, pullovers, sweaters, and jackets. A popular wholesale bell sleeve item is the plush sweater. It’s versatile and can be dressed down for a long workday and dressed up for an evening holiday party.

A flattering V-neck, ribbed body sweater with side slits and cutouts look great with jeans and boots or leggings or a long, dressy skirt for more formal occasions. Wearing a plush or nude color in the winter can make you feel light and fresh, a much-needed contrast to a Winter day.

Winter Themed Shirt

Have an office holiday party to attend but don’t want to buy a themed shirt you will only wear one time? We get it. While we love sweaters with Santa or a graphic tee with a big turkey on the back, we want to wear clothing throughout the Winter season. In some places, Winter ends in March or April.

The perfect solution is a Winter themed shirt that is not holiday-specific but still shows your spirit. For example, our long-sleeve printed V-neck tunic with deer and snowflake stripes. It has a strappy neckline and looks great with jeans, leggings, a mini skirt, and tall boots. It can also be layered with your go-to cardigan for colder days.

The Poncho

Often confused with capes, shawls, kimonos, and wraps, ponchos are a Winter wardrobe must-have. It’s easy to see why there is confusion among these items. They are all worn as an outer garment, usually with a specific purpose, to keep you warm or dry from the cold weather. There is a difference.

Wraps are long pieces of fabric with no actual structure. They are like small blankets that can be worn in various ways and on different body parts. Shawls are similar to wraps but with less material and more structure. Capes resemble jackets but without structured sleeves. Capes have minimal closures in the front.

Kimonos are very versatile. They can be thrown over the shoulders for a slinky style or wrapped and tied for a more fitted look. Kimonos do not have closures in the front or back, so your customers can get creative with how they wear them.

Saving the best for last, the poncho is trending this Winter and worn by women of all sizes and shapes. Ponchos are sleeveless, like the cape, but don’t require snaps or buttons for closure since they can be pulled over and draped around the shoulders. Most ponchos fall below the waist; some lengthier versions flow just above the knee.

Ponchos allow your customers to show off their personalities due to the many varieties available. Some are thick wool with a cowl neck, and some are see-through crochet with fringe. Buying wholesale ponchos lets you provide options for your customers. Because you get a fantastic wholesale price, your customers can purchase multiple ponchos, especially when you have a buy one get one half off promotion.

Dark Blue Denim Jeans

If your customers have the blues, make sure it’s the denim blues. For the Winter, dark blue is trending. Our most popular wholesale jeans are the dark blue flared leg cotton spandex plus-sized version with front and back pockets.

They have just enough stretch to flatter a woman’s figure, whether headed to a ballgame or happy hour. These jeans can be worn all year. The flared leg pairs well with ankle boots and platform sneakers in the Winter but can transition to flip flops in the summer. Any top with any style can be worn with dark blue denim jeans.

All Things Animal

Whether it’s a faux fur front zip hoodie, a cow print sweater, or leopard print smart touch gloves, animal prints are a big hit this Winter. This is a category where you can get creative in which products you sell to customers. Buying wholesale lets, you choose multiple animal print items that your shoppers can mix and match to create a different look daily.

For Winter, offer animal print options for gloves, hats, handbags, earrings, sweaters, outerwear, leggings, and even pajamas.

The Black Dress

There is always a time for a black dress, especially one that can be paired with high heels worn to a cocktail party and with mid-calf boots and a cardigan at work.

Black dresses seem like a simple concept. It’s one color, right? Black dresses come in so many styles, lengths, and materials that buying one can turn into a complex, challenging decision. You can make this decision easier for your customers by selecting four or five of the most versatile, then displaying each in two or three styles in your boutique.

Your black dress displays are a great way to show off all the other great items for sale in your shop, including accessories, sweaters, leggings, and shoes.

The Extras

Winter style doesn’t end with clothing, so don’t forget to provide your customers with wholesale makeup and beauty supplies. All-in-one palettes give your customers the most beauty bang for their bunk. For Winter, your customers will love the bronze palette. They get blush, eyeshadow, and more for one low cost.

Don’t wait to purchase wholesale winter clothing and accessories for your boutique. Stock up early and get the edge over your competition.


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