26 Oct

The Latest Trends in Wholesale Clothing

Trends in Wholesale Clothing - Wholesale Fashion Square

Understanding the latest trends in wholesale clothing is essential when purchasing items for your retail boutique – here’s what you should know.

A fashion trend occurs when someone creates a product that is liked by masses of consumers. They like it so much they purchase it. Wearing it inspires their friends and family to buy the item, and the cycle continues until it doesn’t.

There are categories of trends, including one season, several seasons, and long-lasting. There is even a timeless trend with clothing that never goes out of style. It’s hard to know which category the latest trends in wholesale clothing will fall. An excellent example of a long-lasting trend is athleisure. From Lululemon to Lula Roe, clothing transforms from workout wear to clothing suited for running errands or meeting friends for happy hour.

Who Starts A Trend?

Fashion trends originate from various sources. The runway is a popular trendsetting location. Models wear and item, and it is then mass-produced and sent into stores worldwide. However, not everyone pays attention to the runway. The majority of men and women don’t work or live in an environment where runway clothing is expected. Therefore, they look to the streets.

Street style is inspired by the people for the people. It is stylish, easy to recreate, affordable, and interchangeable. Street style is clothing that can be worn every day and in a variety of settings.

Other trendsetters include social media influencers. Some influencers are celebrities with millions of followers; others have spent years building a following and may also have millions of followers. When they post a cute new miniskirt or little black dress, it sells out.

So, what is being posted about the latest trends in wholesale clothing?

6 Trends in Wholesale Clothing

If you own a boutique, you want the hottest trends in wholesale clothing for your customers, but at an affordable price for everyone. Buying in bulk from a wholesaler is a must. You must find the right wholesaler, though. Some suppliers offer significantly discounted prices on last year’s trends. Others offer trendy products but are made with low-quality fabrics.

Suppliers that offer both quality and fair pricing are out there. Don’t rush in choosing the best wholesaler for your boutique. The right one will have some of the latest trends, like the ones listed below:

1. Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are a timeless trend. The small details, like rips and tears, colors, and leg style, make them modern. Blue jeans are a staple that can be dressed up or worn lounging around the house. They are also tough enough to withstand outdoor activities.

When choosing a supplier, check out their wholesale jeans. Do they offer options that meet the needs of your customers? Are they stylish, comfortable, machine washable, and versatile? If a supplier provides one or two blue jean options, they cannot meet all the needs of your customers.

2. 90’s Comeback

Several reports claim nineties fashion is making a comeback. Think graphic tees, cardigans, slip dresses, and even overalls. Then, mix them all together for a grunge meets preppy look. You can wear boots with miniskirts, graphic shirts with dress pants, and blazers with everything.

3. Cardigans

When choosing a wholesale supplier, make sure they have a great variety of cardigans. Your customers need cardigan options for all seasons. They need a solid, conservative cardigan for the office when the boss gets hot and lowers the temperature. They need a hooded cardigan for outdoor activities like football games and corn mazes.

Customers want solid and vibrant colors, short and long sleeves, button-up and open front, knee-length to a crop top. The key to purchasing wholesale cardigans is to focus on trending colors and weight. Thin, bright-colored cardigans work for warmer months, while thicker cardigans provide warmth in the winter months.

4. Printed Pants

Animal print, tie-dye, stripes, floral, and plaid are a few trends in pants. It seems pants are being used to show off a little personality. They are even trending on Instagram. Some come in sets, with matching or solid tops. Some are offered in fabrics not usually associated with prints, like linen.

Other options for printed pants should include wide legs, capris, skinny fit, denim, linen, and a mix of fabrics, including spandex. Some customers will prefer prints with vibrant colors, while others will want a print just a shade different from the background color.

Printed pants make it easy for customers of your boutique to mix and match clothing. They get multiple outfits out of just a few key pieces.

5. Mini and Midi Skirts

The mini-trend made a comeback on the runways, and many celebrities are photographed wearing them. They are getting creative with pairings too. Some are wearing pleated mini skirts with crop top tees layered under a cardigan and paired with a pair of vans. Others are wearing sparkly minis with a plain white tee and strappy sandals. All are looking great.

Midi skirts are still popular too. According to The Trend Spotter, these are the most popular ways to wear a midi skirt today:

  • Matching set
  • Leather on leather
  • Sheer midi skirt with any style shirt
  • Solid midi skirt with an oversized knit sweater
  • Solid or printed midi with a sweatshirt or graphic tee

Don’t be afraid to decorate your legs with the midi or mini skirts. Whether it’s with slouch boots or printing stockings, your customers will get noticed.

6. Accessories

Accessories are a huge part of fashion and can elevate an outfit. Trends in wholesale jewelry accessories include stacked metallic rings and resin rings. Statement earrings, also in resin or acrylic, give customers a way to show off their personality.

Other accessories trending include oversized sunglasses for a glam look and silk scarves that can be worn around the neck, as hairpieces, or as belts. Finally, handbag trends are not only changing in style but function too. Customers love a bonus, like a bag within a bag. Combo handbags that come with matching makeup, wallet, or coin purse are favored.

Don’t be afraid to ask your wholesale supplier how they choose trending clothes. They may even give you a heads up on trends in wholesale clothing next season, giving you an edge over your competitors.


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