27 Dec

5 Ways to Style Winter Scarves

One of the best things about winter is that you can finally pull all those seasonal scarves you’ve got in storage out into the open. When it comes time to don your first scarf of the season, you might find yourself at a bit of a loss. What pattern, if any, should you choose? How are you going to wear it: loose, knotted, wrapped around? How short or long should it be? Before you just give up and let the scarf hang as a limp strip of fabric on your shoulders, check out our breakdown of some of the most common types of scarves and ways to style them.


A long scarf is probably the first mental image you conjured when you read the title of this article. It’s a classic to be sure. Long scarves are usually styled by letting the ends hang loose, but there’s lots of ways to go about it. If you’re feeling inspired by winter whites and creams, maybe an ivory fringe scarf would suit your style, and it would pair excellently with a jean jacket and boots. Wrap it around a couple times and let both ends hang on either side in the front to complete the standard scarf look. You can also try a silver scarf and let one side hang in the back to feel especially chic. Long scarves can be worn in a loose knot in the front as well, for a result that’s cute and casual.


Hoping winter never ends? Your scarf certainly doesn’t have to! Terrible jokes aside, an infinity scarf is a great choice if you want to add a lot of texture and depth around the neck and shoulders. These scarves don’t have the hanging ends that long scarves possess. Instead, they wrap in an endless loop, and more closely resemble makeshift collars. If your basic blouse needs a little extra something, wrap-around and infinity scarves, like this infinity scarf, are the answer you’re seeking. You can even use your scarf as an opportunity to inject bright colors into an ensemble; yellow isn’t just a summertime hue, after all.


A blanket scarf is one of the most versatile options there is. They can be styled in all sorts of fun and creative ways! They are essentially, as the name implies, square blankets that you can wrap around yourself like a shawl or fold to create the look of a more traditional scarf. If you want to emulate the short style of a wrap-around or infinity scarf, fold a black tartan fringed scarf into a long strip, and then wrap it around your neck, letting both ends hang in the back (or tuck them underneath the rest of the piece). For a new approach that’s unique to this scarf type, you can also style a blanket scarf like a bandana; just fold your gray and yellow scarf into a triangle shape and then knot it in the back.


Sometimes, you just want to keep things simple. A plain scarf can tie everything together without overwhelming the entire ensemble. Enhance a dull outfit with a lovely burgundy scarf, and, if you’re wanting to accessorize even more, add a matching hat and gloves! The way you style your scarf is important too. If you don’t want to show the whole length of the scarf, tuck it into your coat. You’ll look like you have a sophisticated turtleneck peeping out from underneath your outerwear! Or, wrap it around once for the classic style we mentioned earlier.


Scarves are just long strips of endless possibilities; they’re the perfect accessories to use to play with prints and patterns. For a burst of intricate designs created by the interweaving of two different colors, a black and tan scarf will get the job done. If you desire a burst of patterned pink, a floral infinity scarf is an effective choice. You can, of course, style patterned scarves in any of the ways we have mentioned. However, if you want the knot you choose to emulate the same creative energy as the scarf’s pattern, you can braid and weave the scarf into a complex bundle, or even tie it into a bow!

Every wardrobe and boutique needs a good collection of wintertime scarves. Stay stylish this winter trying out different scarf designs, lengths, and styling techniques. WFS is hopeful that these tips will encourage shoppers and shop owners to style their scarves with a newfound expertise. Visit our website to see other examples of on-trend scarves and be sure to drop a comment below telling us what you’d like us to discuss next! We love hearing from our readers.

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