18 Dec

Sweaters, Scarves, and Skinny Jeans: Creating a Balanced Winter Wardrobe

When the snow has you shivering and the wind chill has your teeth chattering, it’s easy to crawl up in bed and throw on your trusty pair of sweatpants and favorite fuzzy socks. To our sweatpant’s dismay, life carries on even when the temperature drops, so it’s time to spring out of bed with a trendy wardrobe to keeps you toasty all day long. Read on to learn how trendiness and toastiness can both be achieved with these staple cold-weather pieces.


Sweaters are a must have in the world of winter clothing. They come in so many shapes and styles that the possibilities seem nearly endless, so where do we begin? Well, you can never go wrong with a chunky oversized sweater. Chunky sweaters add dimension and texture to your look, especially when combined with a bright color or bold print. In a season where we would all rather hide under a massive parka, chunky sweaters serve as a great, stylish alternative to not-so-flattering coats and jackets. If the cold doesn’t bother you too much, try pairing a cropped sweater with a pair of high waisted pants to create a longer silhouette and a more lively top. The beauty of cropped sweaters is that they can easily be transitioned to a spring or fall piece, too! Just pair it with your favorite skirt or high waisted shorts to get the most out of your clothing. If high waisted sweaters aren’t your thing, don’t overlook off the shoulder sweaters! Thick, droopy sweaters that hang off of your shoulder are the perfect way to show off your lacey bralette or layered jewelry. They also work well with scarves if the exposed shoulder proves to be a tad too chilly. Regardless of the sweaters, you choose to incorporate into your winter wardrobe, rest assured that you love the warmth of a knit top when the cold wind blows!


The best part of any winter wardrobe is the endless possibilities created by incorporating scarves into your wardrobe. Not only do they add much-needed warmth to your outfit, but they provide an added flare of your personal style. Going for a casual look? Toss a long knitted scarf over your shoulders with a long winter coat. Have a busy day ahead, but want to seem put together? Tie it around your waist! This look is not only convenient, but fashion forward! Experiment with to see what style suits you best. Explore more fun and creative ways to style your scarves by reading our scarf style guide. Keep in mind the sweater you plan to wear when choosing your scarf for the day. Wearing a lighter sweater? Opt for a heavier blanket scarf to keep you warm and add dimension to your look. How about a cropped sweater? Throw on a long draped scarf to juxtapose lengths and extend your silhouette. With so many sweater and scarf styles, your options are countless! Get inspired by our collection of wholesale scarves.

Skinny Jeans

A staple in closets across the nation, this modern take on denim is undeniably sticking around for many years to come. Skinny jeans not only flatter the silhouette of the body, but they create a great foundation for layers of winter clothing – sweaters and scarves are no exception! The tight fit of the skinny jeans is balanced with the looser fit of a sweater, which is eased together through the free-flowing fabric of the scarf. To make your look more casual or to create a boho vibe, roll up your skinny jeans to show off your favorite pair of boots or slip on shoes. This cuffed look never goes out of style. Be sure to explore different washes of denim, too! A light wash denim goes perfectly with a cream or white sweater and patterned scarf while a medium or dark wash goes great with bold berries and bright hues. If you’re looking to add extra pizazz to your ensemble, distressed, patched, or embroidered denim can show off your personality and mood. To survive the brutal winter cold, try layering leggings and tighters underneath distressed denim, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take your favorite style of jeans and distress or embroider them yourself! The key to denim is tailoring it to fit you and your style. What are you waiting for? Start by exploring our wide selection of denim, today!

How will you mix and match these cold weather staples? Drop us a comment down below!

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