2 Jan

Why You Need Velvet Pieces in Your Boutique

Velvet is such a fun fabric to wear when temperatures dip; it’s soft to the touch and super chic. Winter is a great time to stock up on velvet pieces. No longer is it only a nighttime fabric. It can be dressed up or down; no matter what kind of boutique you have, there are infinite ways to style velvet in a way that works for your store and your customers. Here’s why velvet is an essential component of a boutique.

It Adds Texture

Velvet has often been associated with nobility, so there can be fear that wearing it will come across as gaudy. However, velvet can add an interesting textural quality to an otherwise plain piece of clothing without being too flashy. While furs and lace are more intricate and, as a result, more visible, velvet is more subtle, but just distinct enough to draw the eye. 

For instance, a velvet jumpsuit takes an ordinary silhouette and gives it a certain depth. This has a lot to do with the way that velvet catches light; it allows even darker pieces to have a certain lustrous sheen about them. That’s why a black velvet dress shines in a way that a matte cardigan would lack. 

You can even choose how you want this effect to be emphasized by selecting certain types of velvet. Crushed velvet reflects light at random angles and looks more irregular than Lyons velvet, which appears smooth and silky by comparison.

You can Play with Look and Feel

When you imagine velvet clothing, you probably think of basic, solid-colored pieces, but that’s actually a huge disservice to the versatility of this luscious fabric! Velvet is pretty eye-catching on its own, which can make it seem excessive to mix the fabric with any other prints or embellishments. However, while it’s true that velvet works as an elegant stand-alone statement piece, it can easily be paired with other patterns and textural add-ons, as long as you do it right.

When looking for embellishments to add to your velvet attire, lace is a great choice. As we’ve indicated, velvet is a fabric that exudes an aura of royalty and sophistication. If you’re trying to stick to that characterization, consider a long, crushed velvet maxi gown with a gorgeous black lace trim for your next extravagant event. You might also opt for synthetic furs, belts, or buttons. But, perhaps you’d rather experiment with patterns!

One of the easiest ways to pull off a pattern or an especially complex fabric is to use it as a statement piece that’s surrounded by large, unadorned blocks of color, but you don’t have to treat velvet as the piece you’re designing your outfit around. Velvet pieces can substitute for the simpler pieces that make up your clothing and add some additional intrigue to an outfit. Pair a velvet skirt with a striped top, or a velvet blouse with patterned jeans; the fabric will add a little something extra. 

Of course, you’re certainly not limited to plain, solid colors of velvet, either. Mix it up a little with printed velvet! If you’re missing the budding flowers of spring, pay tribute to the season by donning a floral or pink velvet romper. Or, emulate a completely different look and feel with a fierce camoflague velvet top. You can make velvet the focal point of an outfit, or treat it as an accent piece. It works well as either one!

It can be an Accessory

We’ve mentioned that velvet pieces can be secondary to your chosen “staple piece” in an outfit, but they can also be used as accessories and embellishments. If your winter collection needs a creative boost, a sweater adorned with lace and velvet trim has a unique charm absent from many comparable alternatives. 

Maybe you want your shirts in your store to have a little something extra. A top with velvet sleeves is sure to draw attention. You can even opt for a velvet choker or other velvet jewelry for a more modest accessory. No matter what you choose, remember that velvet can be as obvious or as subtle as you desire. Play around with it and see what works!

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we care about our customers, and we want shoppers and shop owners alike to make inspired choices about the clothing they buy. Velvet can be intimidating for some people, so we hope we’ve helped you figure out how you can style this luscious fabric in a way that works for you and your boutique! Remember to checkout our selection of velvet pieces, and leave us a comment below! We love to hear from you.

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