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5 Ways to Style Pearls This Spring

5 Ways to Style Pearls This Spring

Pearls are timeless, vintage even, and they exude elegance. They’ve been used as accessories and embellishments to outfits for decades. There’s a reason pearls have become such an iconic symbol of refinement and nobility. They’re simple, with enough luster to get your attention but not enough to overwhelm. They have just enough color to draw the eye, but they don’t steal attention away from the rest of the outfit. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the fashion world is forever fascinated with these glistening, undersea beauties.

Unfortunately, as a result of their early start in the fashion game, many people are quick to shun pearls as an outdated, out-of-style fad. If their grandmothers wore them in the ‘40s, they’re probably not the most stylish thing to wear, right?

Actually, there are a number of ways in which you can style pearls that will keep you looking as chic and on-trend as ever this spring. Fashion designers are constantly introducing innovative ways for people to wear pearls, or bringing back old classics with a little twist, providing us with plenty of inspiration on how to wear pearls in the 21st century. Let’s take a look at some of your options.


Looking for a fresh take on pearls that isn’t a necklace, but still want to achieve a similar effect? Perhaps you should strut your sophisticated stuff and wear a collar that’s adorned with layers of pearls. No matter what fancy event you’re attending, you’ll catch everyone’s attention in a gorgeous dress with a collar of ivory pearls. And of course, a good pearl necklace is never a bad idea.

An added bonus of pearls? They go with practically anything; any color, any pattern, and any texture. The pearl collar on this piece isn’t so harsh as to distract the viewer from the intricate detail of the top. It only adds subtle sophistication to overall look.

Patterns and Designs

Pearls can be sewed into the fabric of a piece of clothing to create a design. It can be as simple as a strip of pearls following the lines of a navy blue bodycon dress, or as intricate as a picture made up entirely of pearls on the front of a sweater.

You can even use pearls to give the illusion of a well-known pattern. For little speckles that are sure to sparkle, use pearls instead of printed dots or circles on your shirts! This frilled white blouse looks like it’s made with fabric sporting a cute dotted pattern, but in reality, those dots you see are evenly-spaced pearls!


Pearls can act as little accents and embellishments on shirts, blouses, pants – you name it! They have the ability to add some subtle textural flair to a piece without coming across as tacky or excessive. Hang pearls on the ends of sleeves or around your collar. The added movement and texture will provide a little intrigue you’re sure to love.

A plain pair of pants suddenly becomes much, much more with the addition of little, dangling pearls on the cuffs of both pant legs. Don a creamy blouse and heels to match, and you’ll look positively radiant this spring.


Pearls don’t have to simply sit on the clothing’s fabric and act as an embellishing feature; they can also be a functional part of your attire! This lovely yellow springtime dress has straps made of strings of pearls. Now is that innovative or what? Suddenly a plain spring dress becomes extra fancy and elegant, simply by using pearl straps in lieu of regular ones.

You can experiment with different straps, too. Perhaps two threads of pearls crossing at the back of our dress would look nice, or maybe two off-the-shoulder strings would suit your style! Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to get a little innovative!

Jewelry and Accessories

Before you accuse us of stating the obvious, we’re not just talking about necklaces and bracelets. Those are the classic ways to wear pearls that we all know and love, but there are other, less obvious options. For example, if you’re tired of using the same old bobby pins and barrettes to keep your hair out of your face, consider using some pearl hair clips! You can also opt for a pearl-studded belt or bow, or even a handbag that’s peppered with pearls. Whether you use them sparingly or they make up the entirety of the visible parts of your accessory, they’ll definitely add something special to your outfit.

Here at Wholesale Fashion Square, we want to help shoppers and shop owners alike to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing they buy. We hope you’ve been inspired to wear pearls in plenty of fun new ways. Be sure to check out our wide assortment of pearl-adorned clothing and pearl accessories. Perhaps you’ll find a few pieces that you’d like for your boutique or closet.

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