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How to Wear Pink This Spring

How to Wear Pink This Spring

There are many different ways to wear pink, as it comes in a variety of distinctly different shades. Whether you opt for a fiery fuchsia of peachy pastel, there’s a pink garment out there for any occasion!

Today, we’re going to be breaking down the various ways you can be pretty in any version of pink this season, whether you wear the color’s lightest varieties of rose and salmon or their more intense counterparts of hot pink and fuchsia.

Primarily Pastel

When we think of springtime pinks, we generally think of pastels. They’re probably the easiest to style with other colors because they’re not too bright or intensely saturated. There are a couple ways you can use pale pinks in your wardrobe.

By pairing pastels with even lighter colors, like white, cream, or slate gray, you can make the color in your garment really pop out to the viewer, even if it isn’t super intense on its own. When paired with the right complementary clothing, a pale pink piece can become the focal point around which the rest of the outfit is styled. The ­pink in this pair of pants is emphasized when worn with a white blouse and tan sandals, for instance.

Even if you use the color sparingly in your piece, it will still stand out against a neutral palette. This light gray dress with a pink accents and a stunning silhouette is one such example of how you can use pink as an accent color and still have it stand out.

Neutral Pink

Some shades of pink can be treated as neutral, too. Where you might normally wear a neutral white, khaki, beige, or another nude color, opt for a pastel pink instead! Take this blush pink and ivory floral kimono as an example. It has the slightest hint of pink, but it could go with virtually anything since it’s so pale.

The idea is to focus on the other aspects of your outfit instead of styling the ensemble around the pastel pink piece since its function, in this case, is to complement whatever else you’re wearing, not the other way around.

Fierce in Fuchsia

If you’re looking for a more standout shade to wear this spring, might we recommend the always-stylish, ever-eye-catching fuchsia! It’s an intense color, to be sure, but you can definitely pull it off with the right outfit and accessories. Whether you want the hot pink piece to be the standout or just an accent to the whole ensemble, we’ve got you covered.

It’s easy to make this fuchsia top the focus of your outfit, given its natural intensity. Pair it with a lavender cardigan and blue jeans, and you’ll be ready for a casual afternoon out and about! It’s easier to pair hot pink hues with lighter, pastel shades, as pairing this pink with a neon yellow sweater and aqua leggings might be a little too much. This isn’t to say it’s impossible! Just keep in mind that too many saturated hues could lead to garments in your piece competing and clashing instead of complementing.

Hot Pink Accents

If you’re not in the mood to don hot pink head to toe, it always works as an accent color! This yellow spring dress is made all the more gorgeous with large swaths of blooming pink randomly spread about the piece. For an even subtler use of this rosy hue, check out this beautiful romper! The blots of pink scattered randomly on the fabric provide a subtle accent; the pattern is reminiscent of a whimsical bouquet.

As with an ensemble that makes fuchsia the focal point, we recommend using intense shades of pink as an accent to lighter, less saturated pieces, in order to make sure the pink really stands out. There are exceptions to this, of course. This maxi dress is adorned with a hot pink floral print, and it’s certainly made all the better by it.

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and boutique owners to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing and accessories they buy. We hope you’ve learned a bit more about how you can style pink pieces this spring. Be sure to check out our pink clothing to find something that could work for your closet or boutique!

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