23 Oct

Winter is Coming: Prep Your Store with These 5 Trends

The leaves are falling, the days are shortening, and Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes once again. You know what that means; Winter is coming. Looking to tackle the approaching cold-weather and avoid fashion faux pas? Read on to learn about the season’s warmest styles.

Denim, Lots of Denim

Denim may always be in style, but this season, denim has been given a twist. From frayed edges to flared ankles and embroideries to printed patterns, denim has taken on many distinct personalities over the season. Frayed edge jeans transform a simple sweater and jeans ensemble to an effortlessly bold look that’s perfect for a day out with friends. This embroidered white denim keeps the warm spirit of Spring alive long throughout the cold-weather months. If these don’t suit your style, try out a pair of flare jeans! This pair combines the trend of distressed edges with the long-loved flare fit. No matter your favorite fit or wash, you’re bound to find a pair of trendy denim jeans to keep you warm throughout the Fall and Winter months. Which style will you adopt this Winter?

Striking Sleeves Styles

Details have the power to revolutionize your wardrobe. Take a moment and explore these Winter sleeve trends! This black sweater is anything but basic. From it’s flared sleeves to its fuzzy texture, this sweater can add a distinct twist to your next cold-weather ensemble. Take a look at this pink sweater with bow sleeves, too. Pair it with some dark wash denim, a pair of tan boots, and your favorite gold necklace for a simple, polished ensemble. Fringe isn’t your thing? Go for a sweater with fuzzy sleeves, like this long sleeve sweater, or even balloon sleeves! Balloon sleeves are the season’s latest fashion trend, giving a twist to your standard straight cut sweater. Explore your options and find a variety of sweaters to expand your Winter wardrobe.

Square Scarves

What better way to cozy up than with a blanket? Take that blanket to go and make it a fashion statement with a blanket scarf. This trendy style of scarf consists of a large square of fabric, often in plaid prints, that can be folded or draped as you wish. Whether you let it hang off your shoulders or wrap it around your neck, scarves like this are sure to keep you warm throughout the coldest Winter days. Does your area have a mild winter? Go for a lighter fabric square scarf to rock the style without overheating. A light silk or polyester square scarf like this can still transform your outfit in an instant. Need help styling your Winter scarves? Check out this blog post.

Even More Denim

Layering is a must for the cold weather, and denim jackets are undeniably a staple to any successful layer combo. Whether you throw a flannel under it, drape it over top of an oversized sweater, or wear it on top of your favorite vintage hoodie, there are countless ways to style this Winter staple. Go for a denim jacket with fun knotted sleeves to add a subtle flair to any outfit, or opt for an tied denim jacket for added warmth, style, and comfort. Street style revolves around the classic grey hoodie and light wash denim jacket combo while a dark wash fitted jacket can pull together a dress and booties for a night out. Regardless of the outfit, it’s possible to find a warm denim jacket that embodies your style and fights the frigid temperatures. How many ways can you wear a jean jacket this season?

Statement Outerwear

Who said only detectives can rock a trench coat? This Winter is your time to take over this iconic piece. Trench coats are not only warm due to their extensive coverage, but their versatility is unmatched. Take this gray trench coat for example. It provides the right amount of color to amp up your ensemble with ease and warmth. How about a trusty vest to layer for the less chilly days? Try this suede camel vest that can be effortlessly combined with a number of cuts and colors, or this gray jacket to layer over your basic tops. Feeling more adventurous? Dare to rock a patterned jacket like a plaid coat, or be bold with a rose pink coat. No matter the pattern, cut, or color, be sure to find yourself a statement coat to boost your wardrobe this Winter.

Which trends will you rock this cold-weather season? Leave us a comment down below!

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