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What to Wear for a Winter’s Night Out

What to Wear for a Winter’s Night Out

A night out with friends can be a great time… when the weather is nice. But when the temperatures are dipping into the teens, you can’t exactly wear your go-to blouse/skirt/heels combo, unless you want to freeze (which you probably don’t). Luckily, there are a few things you can wear to keep cozy and still look stylish. Let’s take a look at some of the best clothing tips and tricks for surviving a winter’s night out.


The most obvious solution to staying comfortable during the coldest season of the year is to stay indoors at all times, and never leave the house.

Just kidding!

The solution is a good coat. In a perfect world, you’d have specific outerwear for any and every outfit combination, but really, all you need is a basic coat that can match most going-out ensembles, with just enough personality to tie the look together without stealing the show. A charcoal coat will have you feeling attractive, chic, and, above all else, warm. It’s got a little texture to present some intrigue, but it’s not so elaborate as to clash with your party dress.


Boots were made for walking, especially in colder weather. Many people feel like they have to stick to open-toed stilettos when they go out to a club, but there are plenty of ways you can wear more protective footwear and still look ready for a fun night out. You don’t have to limit yourself to combat or shearling boots, which are probably a little too bulky for the aesthetic you’re going for. Instead, try out a pair of striking pewter boots. Complete with a chunky heel and a shine that will really draw the eye, these boots are clearly made for an exciting evening at a party or on the dance floor! Plus, they look much better with tights than open-toed heels.


A great winter-weather material, velvet is a fantastic choice when it’s chilly outside. It’s beautiful and lush, it comes in a number of colors and varieties, and it will keep you warm. You might go with a velvet outer layer, like a velvet kimono, but don’t shy away from making velvet the focal point of your outfit. A velvet jumpsuit paired with the right coat and heels is stunning and certainly appropriate for the season.


Is just the thought of the wind chill outside enough to make you shiver? If you’re going to brave that kind of weather, a cocktail dress is probably a bad move, right? Well, you may not have to put away your shorter dresses just yet.

When the weather takes a turn for the freezing, a good pair of leggings or tights can reinvent your outfit so that it’s perfect for the wintertime. So, don’t pack up your little black dress yet. Instead, pair it with a nice set of white leggings and a faux leather jacket, and you’ll be nice and toasty despite the cold.


At the end of the day, our greatest defense against frost and freezing temperatures is layers, layers, layers.

Wearing a short dress? First, try to select one that can act as a warm layer on its own, like this velvet dress. After that, leggings are a must, and socks are an absolute necessity.

Perhaps you choose to wear pants or a romper. Consider wearing tights underneath, and maybe an undershirt.

In any case, you should probably wear water-proof shoes that won’t get soggy in snow, should you come across it. Finally, don your warmest cardigan, and over that, your fluffiest coat. Sure, you may end up shedding the coat and cardigan once you reach an indoor destination, but you don’t want to suffer any moment your skin makes contact with the air outside in the meantime. It’s best to be prepared and have outerwear readily available. Just make sure there’s a locker to store them or diligent friend to keep watch over them wherever you’re going so that you know your stuff is safe and secure.

Here at Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and shop owners alike to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing they buy. We hope we’ve helped to spark ideas in you and your customers with ways to style outfits during a winter’s night out! Remember to check out our extensive winter selection to find items for your boutique (or your closet). And don’t forget to leave us a comment below! We love to hear from you.

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