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5 Ways to Style Your Poncho This Winter

5 Ways to Style Your Poncho This Winter

A poncho is a wintertime staple, and it’s so unbelievably comfortable. You just put the poncho over your head or wrap it around yourself, and you’re good to go! Simple enough, but did you know there are variations to the ways in which you can wear a poncho? Whether it’s adding a belt or changing up the other pieces of your outfit, ponchos are incredibly versatile, and can be worn anywhere, anytime. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ponchos, and the things you can do to make them fit your unique style.

Traditional Style

The traditional way of styling the poncho is a classic, timeless look. Ponchos typically just slip over your head; that’s part of what makes them so appealing, the ease with which you can wear one. The best part, though, is that they look incredibly stylish, and just because you wear the poncho the normal way doesn’t mean the poncho itself has to be plain or boring. Mix it up with color-blocking or checkers to keep things fresh, and don’t forget to wear a little jewelry over it to add to the overall beauty of the ensemble!

Open Style

Some ponchos don’t connect at the front, or provide you with the option to wear them open, almost like an especially thick cardigan.  This means you can get a little more creative with the top you wear underneath the poncho, since it can actually be seen and impact the look of the outfit. You might consider combining patterns and colors; pair a striped cardigan with a floral top for an intricate outfit of depth and complexity. Or, consider using your shirt to add a contrasting pop of color or pattern to a plain black or brown poncho. Then, add a necklace as the final touch.

Add a Belt

You may not be overall fond of the shapelessness of a poncho. They might look a little boxy on you; perhaps you feel like you can’t pull off loose, formless attire. We beg to differ, but if you are looking for something a bit more form-fitting, don’t dismiss ponchos quite yet. It’s true that ponchos generally hang loosely, but if you want to give one a little more shape, you certainly can! Use a ribbon or belt and wrap it around your waist and over the poncho. The result will be a sort of make-shift sweater blouse that hugs the waist and looks absolutely fabulous. A chunky black belt would look fantastic around this beige gridline poncho, don’t you agree?

Pair with Leggings

If you’re interested in taking the comfort of your outfit to the next level, ditch the slacks and fancy pants and opt for an athletic pair of leggings. Sure, a pair of jeans is always a great choice when wearing a poncho, but there are other options that might be a little more comfortable. Leggings are a great alternative, especially if the poncho is dress-length. A plain pair of leggings with this beautiful red and blue poncho would be so comfy, and so chic. Plus, leggings aren’t limited to athletic wear. After all, when you wear a poncho, usually the only other things that people can see are your pants and your shoes, which means you may want to wear something a little bolder than your yoga leggings to let your personality more clearly shine through. Not to worry! Consider leggings in different patterns and materials than the traditional athletic leggings. For example, a leather pair of leggings with a slate gray poncho would look super fierce.

Wear a Collar

Ponchos are like big, comfy blankets that you get to wear around all day long. But, can you wear something like that into work? Of course you can! Want to give your poncho a smart, office-ready look? Show the world you’re ready for business by wearing a collared shirt underneath your poncho, and fold the collar so that it rests on the outside of the outerwear. The contrast in colors of a powder blue shirt underneath this light brown soft knit poncho would certainly create a sophisticated ensemble, one that would look great paired with black pants and loafers. The collar gives the poncho some defined edges and makes the whole outfit just a little more formal, so you can stay comfy at the office while also staying adherent to the business-casual dress code.

Here at Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and shop owners alike to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing they buy. We hope you’ve discovered a few fresh new ways to style your ponchos, and that you’ll check out our extensive selection ponchos to find pieces for your boutique or closet.

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