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What Every Woman Needs to Travel in Style

It’s summertime, and you know what that means! It’s time to go on vacation! Whether you’re headed to the beach or a cozy cabin in the woods, there are few essentials that every woman needs to travel in style. Let’s take a look at some of those necessities, as well as a few specific examples that are sure to suit any style.

Cosmetic Bag

A bag to keep all your makeup and cosmetics in one place is essential. Otherwise, you’ll spend forever digging around your suitcase for that particular thin tube of lip gloss or your eyelash curler.

A cosmetic bag is helpful at home as well as on the road, but if you want two separate bags (perhaps if you’d like a bag that’s easy to grab in a hurry), get one with a fun print on it so you’ll know at a glance that it’s your vacation bag!

Alternatively, choose one that best exemplifies your unique personality and your frequent travel destinations. If you’re a fan of camping, try out a cosmetic bag with a pine tree print. If your vacations typically take place in a tropical setting, this pineapple patterned cosmetic bag is a great choice.


A good wallet is indispensable, especially when you’re on vacation. How else are you going to carry the money you’ll be spending on good food, unforgettable experiences, and tourist shop trinkets to share with friends and family back home?

A wallet should be two things: practical and stylish. These are not, as some may assume, mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, Wholesale Fashion Square offers a myriad of robust wallets that you can choose from! If you’re looking for something fun and trendy, this wallet, which sports an adorable leopard print, is a must-have.

If you’d prefer something simpler that will match any purse and any ensemble, we suggest this classic neutral colored single zipper wallet. As a bonus, these wallets can double as improvised clutch purses, if the need arises!


The last thing you want to do is misplace the keys to your rental car or the beach house you’re staying in. Avoid this nightmare scenario by bringing a distinctive keychain that is unmistakably yours on your vacation.

This white snakeskin printed keyring with a tassel will stand out and ensure that no one grabs your keys by mistake, and that you don’t unintentionally grab someone else’s either. 

If you’re a total foodie, this is the perfect keychain for you! This leather banana charm is a great way to make your set of keys easily identifiable. And, your keyring will look absolutely scrumptious!

Tote Bag

Tote bags are incredibly versatile. You can use one as a large purse to hold everything we talked about above and more! After all, what else are you going to carry all your day-to-day stuff in?  This beige leather tote bag is super stylish and an absolute must-have for a day out and about, specifically if you’ll be doing a lot of shopping. Why should you have to carry around a bunch of smaller bags when you can consolidate your findings into one, easy-to-carry tote bag?

You can also use a tote in lieu of a picnic basket for a nice lunch at the beach with your family. There shan’t be any nautical nonsense with this gorgeous navy palm tree stamped bag. With this tote in tow, there’ll only be smooth sailing ahead, since the bag’s large size easily allows you to pack food and drinks for an entire family.

If you’re going on a quick vacation that will only last a day or two, you may not need an entire suitcase; a tote bag might be big enough to carry all your essentials as an overnight bag. This red and white striped tote can carry clothes, a swimsuit, a towel, and other essentials with ease.

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and shop owners alike to find the best clothing and accessories for their closets and boutiques. We hope you’ve discovered a few new and interesting pieces to bring on your next vacation! Be sure to check out our wide assortment of travel accessories (and our large selection of summer clothes!) to find some new additions to your boutique or closet.

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