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How to Wear Sequins in the Daytime

Sequins in the Daytime

Yes, you read that right. We are on Team Sequins in the Sunlight. If you’re not a complete stranger to the runways, fashion magazines or street fashion, your eyes have probably been drawn to the everlasting sparkle of… sequins!

These glittering disks come in any size and shape imaginable and can be sewn on just about any accessory or garment. Even better, we’ve been seeing them catch the light all over the runways this year. While metallics and shimmer are typically in style during fall and winter months, sequins are actually still hip for Spring and Summer 2018.

If you’re intimidated about wearing sequins in the daytime or just wearing them at all, keep reading because we’ve got some sparkle-related tips for you.

Be confident

The first rule of wearing anything, whether it’s a daring new fashion or just some jeans that are tighter than normal, is wearing it with confidence. If you like a piece of clothing, wear it. Rock it. Take glances from a passerby as a silent compliments and don’t you dare second-guess what you loved this morning in the mirror.

Keep it simple, keep it balanced

If you don’t want to draw too much attention on your first day wearing sequins to work, just keep the silhouette simple. T-shirts, tank tops and slouchy sweatshirts are laid-back ways to rock a little sparkle on normal day without looking overly dramatic. Or if you’re still feeling iffy, keep the sequins to just your earrings or choose garments that just have a hint of sequin additions, like elbow patches, bib collars, hemlines and vertical panels.

When in doubt, go casual

Another way to let sequins shine while not looking like a disco ball is to pair your sequins with more pared-down pieces. Denim in lighter washes, cotton-blend fabrics and neutral hues are a great way to balance out the sass of sequins.

Color or no color?

We also love black sequins, particularly on skirts. Darker sequins reflect less light, making them an instantly chiller way to wear sequins. On the flip-side of black sequins, pastel sequins are also a great route to take to ease your way into the trend because of their soft nature.

We hope our tips helped lessen your sequin anxiety. And remember: life’s too short to not wear sequins. If you want to, that is.

What clothing or accessories do you carry in your store that is chock-full of sequins? Do you think sequins are passable as daywear? Discuss in the comments below!

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