5 Jul

Here’s What’s Hot for Summer 2018

Top Trends for Summer 2018

Summer has arrived and it has brought with it a handful of funky trends. We picked out 5 of our favorites to share.

1. The Cherry Change-Up

It’s floral, it’s paisley, no — it’s a cherry pattern! We couldn’t be more jazzed about this juicy new print. Why? It’s unexpected, colorful, sexy-meets innocent, and a refreshing take on other fruit and botanical patterns you’ve seen in years past. (Bye, pineapples.) Sweeten your palate for all things red and round because you’re going to see a lot of cherries in the coming months. We’re seeing cherries pop up on every piece of clothing from hats to slip-on shoes to jumpsuits. Go full-on fruit mode with a white dress with an allover cherry pattern, or sip on something more subtle, like a cherry handbag or cherry-shaped earrings.

2. The ’80s are Back

It’s no surprise that history repeats itself, including fashion history — and that recent decades’ fashion trends are constantly popping up on runways and fashionable city streets. Well, Summer 2018 is no exception. Strong shoulders, colorful and bedazzled sunglasses, animal prints, vinyl skirts — you’ll see it all in 2018. While ’80s fashion is typically very bold, there are ways to sprinkle these looks into your wardrobe without looking over-the-top. Opt for a matte pair of sunglasses in a muted tone that feature a few sequins and sparkle — or go with a red vinyl skirt paired with a simple white button-up and nude shoes. Want to wear something a little more daring? Slip some shoulder pads into a dress to add some drama.

3. Hot for Smocking

We’re seeing smocking! If you’re not familiar, smocking is simply a decoration on a piece of clothing that has gathered pleats sewn together. We’re lumping ruching and any kind of elasticized details into this category too. You’ll see these scrunchy pieces on many types of garments: tank tops, babydoll tops, dresses and even shoes. We think the easiest way to wear smocked styles is with a simple top in an expected print, like floral or polka dot.

4. Plastic Fashion

It’s Fantastic Quick! Name one thing that’s more fun than a transparent bag. Nice try. See-through purses, clutches and any other silhouette you could dream of have been seen this season. If you’re into showing off everything you’re toting around, from your lipstick to your new pair of sunglasses, grab one of these plastic or plastic-like bags. You can find them in any silhouette you desire: tote, clutch, backpack, you name it.

Want to take this transparent trend one step further? Taking a note from the 1980’s jelly shoe fad, plastic shoes are also in season. From heeled sandals with see-through straps to simple slip-ons that show your feet or socks, any style of shoe is getting plastic-ized this summer. We recommend trying this trend with a simple, more subtle pair of sandals or rocking it for a night-out look with heels.

5. Make a Statement With Wide Belts

We’ve got wide-belt fever and we’re so glad they’re back in style. Besides instantly adding more shape to a top, dress or jumpsuit, a wide belt has so many possibilities for adding flair to a look. From ’80s-inspired rhinestones and black faux leather to corset-inspired styles, the range of wide belts is nearly endless and versatile.

What trend are you most looking forward to? We want to know — comment below!

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