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7 High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Must-Haves

High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale - WFS

Finding the best wholesale fashion jewelry can be an important task. Here are 7 tips for finding high quality fashion jewelry wholesale must-haves.

Jewelry is a must-have for your boutique. Customers buy jewelry in various ways: a gift for a friend or family member, an accessory for their wardrobe, or an impulse buy. Your job as the boutique owner is to find the perfect fashion jewelry, display it in a way that convinces your customers they need it, and then enjoy the profits.

Working with a wholesale supplier to purchase fashion jewelry will give you the greatest deals on the trendiest accessories, like the seven high-quality fashion jewelry wholesale must-haves below.

1. Fashion Watches

In a time when many people use their cell phones to check the time, there are still some people who prefer wearing a watch. Wholesale fashion jewelry watches come in many different styles and materials. Think about your customers. Do they want neon-colored silicone bands, metals, or leather? How much bling do they want on the face of the watch? Should the face be round, oval, or square? Look at some trendy examples for this year.

2. Fashion Rings

Fashion rings are a great way to add products to your boutique without taking away a lot of space. Plus, you can provide numerous options for your customers. Some will prefer a minimalist metal band, while others will want vibrant colored gemstones. You can offer statement, themed, stackable, or boho rings. Materials matter in fashion jewelry, so you must decide what level of fashion to offer. 

High fashion will cost more but is made from the best materials. Low fashion is cheaper, but the overall ring may also be. Start narrowing your preferences with questions. Do you want pearls, diamonds, rhinestones, or no stones? Do you want to sell metal, silicone, or resin? Eventually, you will narrow your options until only one or two are left.

3. Fashion Bracelets

Fashion bracelets can be tricky. You and your customers need to know the dos and don’ts of wearing bracelets. For example, pay attention to your sleeve length, but don’t wear a bracelet too big or too small for your bone structure. Wearing the wrong bracelet will only attract attention to the bracelet.

Bangles are always in style. Choices range from thin metal to leather animal print. Some customers prefer stretch bracelets, and others prefer shaped wire. Beaded bracelets seem to be on trend this year and are offered in great variety, from single band to multi-wraparound bands.

4. Fashion Earrings

Earrings may be the hardest fashion accessory to choose for your customers. Earring choices are based on so many different factors. An earring mistake can affect your whole look. For example, wearing earrings too big for your hair or face style. 

When choosing wholesale fashion earrings, think about the clothing you sell in your boutique and purchase based on what matches, the ones that will make the outfits look complete. Also, invest in learning how to help your customers choose the best pair based on their facial shape, hair length and color, and wardrobe.

5. Fashion Necklaces

A necklace is a bit more personal than other fashion jewelry pieces. It’s going to bring attention to your chest and face. Knowing how to choose the right necklace is crucial. This is something you can teach customers.

Necklaces can show your personality, what you stand for, your spiritual side, or your fun side. As a boutique owner, you’ve got to stock necklaces that can grab your customers’ attention and make them want to purchase them. Providing customers with a variety and knowledge of what complements their features is necessary. 

6. Fashion Sports Jewelry

Fashion sports jewelry is not for everyone, but it is very popular among teenagers, especially those involved in athletics. Drop soccer ball earrings, basketball rings, rhinestone softball pendants, and charm bracelets with a sports theme make great gifts for yourself or someone else.

Fashion sports jewelry is typically worn with athletic clothing or jeans and t-shirts. Or when attending an athletic event. Options include dog tags, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, money clips, and cuff links.

7. Fashion Anklets

With Spring and Summer just around the corner, it’s time to start wearing shorts and shoes that show off your legs and ankles. Why not add some jewelry to that area? Anklets are always a big hit with women and men of all ages. While they are not usually worn all the time, they can be added to accessorize an outfit. 

One example may be wearing a layered rhinestone anklet to dress up a formal gown. Another example is wearing a beaded flower charm anklet with a sundress or a beaded stretch anklet to hang out on the beach. There are numerous options, and when buying wholesale anklets, you can get great deals on multi-packs.

To pick the right jewelry pieces for your boutique, take these tips into consideration:

  • Create a purchasing plan before you go shopping at the wholesale supplier. This will prevent you from overspending and help you stay on track by buying only the pieces you need. You want to avoid having too much supply that doesn’t sell.
  • Get to know the trends that your customers want to purchase. There can be different trends among various buyers. Do your customers want the latest trends in diamonds and pearls, or do they want the latest trends in resin jewelry?
  • Never sacrifice quality.
  • Order small batches to test your market before placing large bulk orders.
  • Don’t be afraid to create a niche that is unique to your boutique, one that matches your brand. 
  • Make sure the jewelry you sell makes sense and can be worn with the clothing you sell. For example, if you have a beachside boutique selling swimwear, your niche may include belly rings, toe rings, anklets, and waterproof watches.

Bonus High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Tip

Finally, have fun. Choosing high quality fashion jewelry wholesale for your boutique should be fun. Your goal is to make your customer look good head to toe. It is rewarding when you see your customers happy. So, get excited to show them what you find.


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