4 Sep

Key Pieces to Take Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

The season we eagerly await as we prep our beach bags and grow our denim short collections. Summer is great, but before we know it, June and July have flown by, and August nears its end. As we pack away our swimsuits and floppy hats, we inevitably make space in our wardrobe for the coming season’s must-have items. Soon enough, leaves will begin to fall and we will feel the chilly weather lurking in the months to come. There’s no better time than now to make room for fall fashion staples that can transition your wardrobe from summer to fall with ease.

Keep the Sundresses, Just Add Jackets

Don’t pack away those sundresses just yet! While it may get colder in the months to come, we can still incorporate our favorite skirts and dresses into our autumn ensembles. After all, layers are our friends! To transition a summer dress to a fall fashion statement, try throwing on a thin jacket or cardigan. If you have a more whimsical, floral dress, a military style jacket can make for a perfect juxtaposition of styles. For more flowy dresses, try out a denim jacket to add some structure and texture to your look. If your summer wardrobe is full of more fitted dresses, try adding a loose, pocketed cardigan to show off a variety of fabrics and add an extra level of coziness.

If dresses aren’t your thing, you can squeeze another month out of short season with the simple addition of a bomber jacket or layered denim vest. Bomber jackets are the perfect mix between the ruggedness of a military jacket and the comfort of a cardigan, making them a must-have for your next fall outing. If you’re dressing for a more formal environment, don’t forget about your trusty blazer! Black blazers pair perfectly with many pieces, especially if you’re going for a casual, yet composed ensemble. Grab your blazer, favorite graphic tee, and a pair of cuffed shorts, and you’re good to go. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, don’t be afraid to rock a colored or patterned blazer over a summer sundress to make for some eye-catching attire.

Don’t Fret, Think in Layers

As temperatures go from scorching summer days to windy autumn afternoons, it’s easy to be surprised by the unpredictable weather of August and September. With this in mind, it’s important to wear pieces of clothing that are easily-adjustable and multi-functional. Items like tunics and tanks serve as perfect bases to build upon with other pieces of clothing. Flannels, tights, and cardigans all work to provide extra warmth and style without drastically changing your trusty summer outfits.

Still want to wear your summer dresses, skirts, and shorts? Add a pair of tights underneath to beat the chills of autumn. If tights aren’t your thing, opt for a pair of leggings for more coverage and comfort. Explore patterned and colored options to revamp your season’s style, too. If you’re searching for an even more convenient option, try tying a flannel or light jacket around your waist to serve as a back-up source of warmth and an additional accessory. The more layers, the better!

Plum, Olive, and Maroon, Oh My!

Summer wardrobes are vibrant, energetic, and full of floral. To make for a smooth transition to fall, add cooler, deeper tones to your closet. Deep plums, olive greens, and dark maroons all embrace the natural spirit of fall, so consider incorporating these colored pieces into your summer style. This way, you can extend the life of your closet’s beloved floral skirts and brightly colored tops without hesitation.

Looking to expand your wardrobe beyond these fall hues? Style these trendy colors with neutrals to make layering a breeze. A closet with a strong collection of neutral tops and pants makes it easier than ever to mix it up and try new clothing combinations. Just look at how these tan summer shorts can easily roll into the colder fall months with the help of this olive jacket. A wide range of possibilities awaits you as you explore the classic and seasonal colors that Wholesale Fashion Square’s selection of wholesale clothing has to offer.

With these tips in mind and our collection of wholesale clothing at hand, it’s time for your store to spearhead this season’s clothing trends. See more at Wholesale Fashion Square, and drop us a comment below telling us how you’re preparing for autumn!

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