13 Nov

Home for the Holidays: Casual Cold-Weather Outfits

‘Tis the season of friendly gatherings, crackling fireplaces, and excessive greeting cards. The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means lots of events to attend. But what will you wear when you’re not mingling at a family function or office party? Try out these casual cold-weather outfits to maintain your style for the rest of the holiday season.

For Travel

Traveling far distances to your holiday destination? This look will provide you with the comfort and coziness that you need to tackle a long flight or road trip. The base of any great travel outfit always begins with a pair of trusty black leggings. Take the time to find a pair that suits you best, then pull out your favorite plaid shirt. Bonus points for comfort if it’s oversized! The beauty of a an oversized flannel is its versatility. Cold? Button it up. Warm? Roll up the sleeves. Hot? Tie it around your waist. With so many ways to wear it, it’s definitely a valuable piece to have in your winter wardrobe. Be sure to add a solid color tank, tee, or long sleeve tunic under the flannel for an extra layer, too. Details like thick wool socks also add to the comfort and look great when popping out of a pair of combat boots or high rise canvas shoes. It’s all about the details!

For Snowy Days

Stuck in a blizzard or simply snuggled up inside to avoid the cold? Cozy up by the fireplace in this casual ensemble. Take a pair of neutral colored joggers and pair them with a festive colored cardigan. Add a basic tank, tee, or tunic underneath, and you’re ready to sip your hot chocolate and watch Hallmark movies for days. Joggers are the perfect pant for cold weather comfort because they combine the soft fabric of leggings with the comfortable shape of sweatpants. Better yet, they’re also easy to incorporate into a presentable, on-the-go outfit. Find the chance to leave the house and replenish your stock of milk, eggs, and bread? Put on your go-to pair of snow boots and your thick winter jacket to look composed without forfeiting your coziness. Don’t worry, your comfy couch will still be there when you get back.

For Dinner

Having family or friends over for a casual meal? You can’t go wrong with dark washed denim. Skinny jeans are a classic, but opt for a boyfriend fit for added comfort. To add some coziness, explore some of the season’s latest sweater trends to find one that suits you. Extra long scoop neck sweaters have plenty of room to bundle up at the dinner table in style and turtlenecks are back and better than ever, too. To fully embody the holiday season, opt for a cranberry or pine green turtleneck. You’ll stay warm for hours and feel as festive as ever. If you prefer to tuck in your sweaters, be sure to explore our collection of turtleneck bodysuits, which fit perfectly under skirts and pants. When in doubt, choose a classic black turtleneck and dark washed denim for a meal with friends and family. Sweaters are your friend!

For Errands

Ah, holiday shopping. With the gift-giving season quickly approaching, there are likely many trips to shopping malls, outlets, and boutiques in your future. To best dress for these many trips out and about, try on a knitted poncho with your comfiest pair of denim jeans or leggings. Ponchos consist of a large piece of fabric that easily flows with your body movements, so they’re the perfect choice for maneuvering through crowded aisles and overpacked department stores. Even better, if you get too warm inside a store, ponchos are easy to shed. Simply fold up your poncho and drape it over your shoulder or toss it in a bag to keep moving. Ponchos will create the seemingly effortless look you’ve been searching for in a matter of seconds.

The winter weather can often make you want to up in sweatpants and sweatshirts, but with these tips in mind, staying comfortable, warm, and fashionable is easier than ever. Regardless of your plans for this holiday season, Wholesale Fashion Square is here to share the clothing and accessories needed to suit your style all winter long. What outfits will you be cozying up in this holiday season? Leave us a comment down below!

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