6 Nov

Holidays, Parties, Vacations, Oh My! Pick and Display a Versatile Winter Selection in Your Store

With holiday gifting bringing more people to retailers in quarter four than any other quarter of the year, it is the most important time of year to show off your store’s expansive inventory.  Having the best winter inventory means having an inventory from which all of your customers will want to buy. Stock clothing for every winter function– whether it is for a holiday occasion, a gift for a special someone, or just a fun item to splurge on.

The winter often brings lavish vacations, dressy holiday parties, and cozy casual wear, making getting dressed so much more fun.  Show your customers that you share their love for winter fashion by stocking up on all of the right items and displaying them well.  Read on for some more tips to get you started:

When picking wholesale winter clothing items for your boutique, think about not only what people would want to buy for themselves but what could also make great gifts.  Items like these are often unique in color, print, and fit, while being made of high quality material. Stay up to date on the fashion trends from this past fashion week to stock the most sought after items.  When stocking up on trends like feathers and furs, purchase faux.  Now more than ever, your shoppers care about where their products came from, and some people do not feel comfortable gifting an item in which they are not sure what materials it is made of.  A great way to solidify customer loyalty is by being transparent about the materials used in all of your items. If you choose to stock your inventory from Wholesale Fashion Square, you will have all of that product information to pass on to your customers.

Customers may feel averse to running in and out of stores and boutiques in the cold weather.  It is of utmost importance to make the shopping experience in your store as organized and enjoyable as possible to pull customers off of Amazon and other mass retailers.  This means that all steps in the shopping journey should be clear, easy, and fun, which can be hard to provide with such an expansive collection of items. A great way to organize your store’s versatile winter collection is to group each area of your store by the potential reasons why a customer may be walking in.  For example, she may be looking for potential gifts to give loved ones, a holiday outfit, some cozy sweaters, or to splurge on something special for herself. Separating all of these items by function will likely be intuitive to your customers at first glance, making their store shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Another tip that is sure to increase conversion volume is to put the most interesting pieces on the displays and mannequins in the front of the store.  It is in these areas of the store that you can really show off your trendiest, boldest, and riskiest outfits and pieces that are sure to inspire more creativity and grab the attention of gift and impulse purchases.  Putting the priciest items in the front, such as glam holiday dresses, is sure to put higher volume conversion pieces at the forefront of your customers’ minds and send a message of luxury.

Layer and layer your mannequins in these items to remind customers that they will need to bundle up around this time of year.  If you want to display a sweater dress, be sure to add on tights, boots, jackets, scarves, and other layers to display a complete outfit featuring all of your amazing products.  Overdressing your mannequins makes them look high fashion and encourages customers to buy the full look.  After all, they’ll need to bundle up!

The holiday season is a great time of year to invest in different displays and decorations than the other three quarters of the year.  Festive decorations, party lights, and other displays are bound to get your customers in the holiday spirit. Vacation backdrops in the appropriate sections of the store will also signal to customers where they should wear these clothes and create a mini showroom for all of your “collections”, making customers feel like you really have something for every person and occasion in their lives.

Find the best pieces for the lowest wholesale prices on WFS and visit our blog for more tips on maximizing the revenue potential of quarter four.

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