8 Sep

7 Best Practice Tips to Better Manage Inventory Control

Improve Inventory Control of Wholesale Products - Wholesale Fashion Square
Effective inventory control is essential to a successful boutique or retail store. Here are 7 tips to better manage your inventory of wholesale items. As a retail business owner, whether you have a small boutique or an eCommerce warehouse site, you have products in your store and products in storage. These items are your inventory or stock. Staying organized and keeping track of your products in stock is called inventory control, different from inventory management. Inventory management refers to the products that are not in stock but ones that will replenish stock. It is a process that includes knowing when to reorder and how much to reorder. The goal is not to have too little or too much inventory on hand, avoiding...
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27 Aug

How to Buy Wholesale for Resale: 11 Tips for Success

How to Buy Wholesale for Resale: 11 Tips for Success - WSF
When it comes to buying wholesale for resale, there is a lot you should consider. To help guide you, read and keep these 11 tips in mind! It's impossible to open a store, stock it with products, and have customers roll in. If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it. Many factors create a successful retail business, like choose from over 826,000 wholesale companies in the United States alone. We’ve created specific tips on what you need to know to buy wholesale for resale. Following these tips in the order below may help you track progress and stay organized during the process. 1. Understand the Purpose of a Wholesale Company Wholesalers are like middlemen between your retail business and a manufacturer. They...
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20 Aug

7 Reasons to Include Trendy Plus-Size Clothing in Your Boutique

Trendy Plus-Size Clothing from Wholesalers - Wholesale Fashion Square
Including trendy plus-size clothing in your boutique offers many benefits to both your customers and improves the success of your boutique. Here's what to know. Did you know 67% of women in America wear sizes between 14 and 34, making the plus-size clothing industry a multi-billion dollar market and rising? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention collects data on everything, even plus-size women. They found the average American woman is 5’4”, 170 pounds, with a waist circumference of 38.7. This is the equivalent of a size 14. It makes you wonder why more retailers aren’t catering to the plus-size woman. If you’re already selling basic wholesale clothing and considering selling trendy plus-size clothing, here are a few more reasons why it’s...
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11 Aug

9 Must-Know Tips for Buying Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

buying wholesale jewelry supplies - WFS
Whether you have a small boutique or a large retail store, buying wholesale jewelry supplies is a must if you're selling fashion. It’s an accessory that highlights different parts of your body and gives the world a small glimpse at your personality. Fashion jewelry is another name for costume jewelry. There are many designs available on the market. You need the ones that will please customers and increase your bank account. Wholesale jewelry is multi-functional. For those who like to wear solid-colored clothing, jewelry adds a pop of color. With the right jewelry pieces, you can dress up a casual outfit when you don't have time to change. There is a jewelry option for just about all body parts, from earrings to...
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4 Aug

How to Develop a Purchase Order System for Your Business

Purchase Order System - WFS
Do you want to save time, control spending, and find a way to manage inventory efficiently? Developing a purchase order system can help. Purchasing is a process. Purchase orders are documents sent to sellers. The document lists items the buyer would like to purchase for resell in their small business. This document serves as a legal agreement once the seller okays the order. It’s like a contract between the business owner and a wholesaler. If you have a small business with less than five employees, you may be able to get away with not using purchase orders for a while. If you plan to grow, however, purchase order systems can be a massive blessing to operations. Benefits of Purchase Order Systems One of the...
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29 Jul

5 Ways to Improve Your Supplier Relationship Management

Wholesale Supplier Relationship Management - Wholesale Fashion Square WFS
Supplier relationship management is essential when buying in bulk for your boutique or retail store - here are five ways to improve your relationship with your supplier. As a retail business owner, you must find quality products at a low price so you can sell them in your store for a profit. You spend hours searching for the right supplier. Once you find them, you may feel like you've hit the jackpot. You accomplished your goal. And you did. But finding the best supplier is your new starting point to reaching long-term goals for your business. You must learn to manage your relationship with the supplier effectively. Understanding the value of supplier relationship management can help you see why it is the key...
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20 Jul

The Best Wholesale Products to Sell at Your Boutique

Best Wholesale Products to Sell - Wholesale Fashion Square
Finding the best wholesale products to sell at your retail store or boutique can be difficult as trends are always changing. Here's how to stock your boutique well and drive sales. If you do an online search for the best wholesale products to sell, you will get varied results, like Shopify’s list with doormats, storage containers, and kitchen towels in the top three. You can’t rely solely on lists like these because trends change rapidly in some categories. Figuring out the best wholesale products to sell starts with defining “the best." Depending on the size of your business, financial goals, and many other factors, "best" can mean something different for every retailer. When you think of the best products, do you think of...
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12 Jul

Inventory Management for Small Business: Buy Wholesale

Inventory Management for Small Business Boutiques and Wholesale Clothing Vendors - Wholesale Fashion Square
Inventory management for small business is essential to increase efficiency and revenue. This is especially true for boutiques. These 6 tips can help you improve your inventory management when buying wholesale. You have goals as a small business owner that includes managing your inventory better to improve customer satisfaction and retention, and of course, increase profits. Those are worthy goals but are often easier to write down on paper than implement, until now. Having customer-first goals like this means you have the potential to rock the retail industry. Wholesalers have similar goals. They want customers (you) to be satisfied; place reorders, and, of course, increase their profits. If you succeed, they succeed. One way wholesalers can help you succeed by tweaking the...
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9 Jul

8 Women’s Summer Clothing Items to Have In Your Boutique

Women's Summer Clothing Items to Have In Your Boutique - Wholesale Fashion Square
As you prepare your boutique for summer, consider these 8 perfect women's summer clothing items to include in your inventory. You've set a budget. You've analyzed your customer base, and you know which sizes sell the most and least. You understand your boutique's design layout, how many items will make it look organized, and how many will make it look cluttered. Most importantly, you understand how women want to feel, and you know the right summer styles can elevate both mood and confidence. You are ready to start buying women's summer clothing items to add to your inventory. Below are the 10 top summer wardrobe essentials to have in your boutique.   The Perfect Summer Dress In many areas, summer means high temperatures. That doesn't mean...
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30 Jun

7 Reasons to Buy In Bulk From A Wholesaler

Buy In Bulk From A Wholesaler - Wholesale Fashion Square
As a boutique or store owner, your priority is your bottom line, and you can improve your return on investment if you buy in bulk from a wholesaler. Here are 7 benefits of using wholesale products in your store. Some people think buying in bulk means purchasing large quantities of a product to stock their shelves. To some, it means they don't have to go back to the store for a while. Others think it means getting a significant discount. The truth is, bulk buying is a combination of these statements. The industry definition of buying in bulk means to purchase large quantities of a specific item at one time to reduce the price you pay for each item without wasting, or...
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