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Winter Wholesale Clothing: 7 Trends for the Holiday Season

Winter Wholesale Clothing 7 Trends for the Holiday Season - WFS

Depending on where you live, winter can mean something different. For some, brutally cold is an understatement, with temperatures below freezing and snow that sticks around until Spring. Read on to learn how to incorporate holiday trends into your purchasing of winter wholesale clothing.

For others, winter can mean wearing pants instead of shorts or switching flip-flops for closed-toe shoes. Fortunately, the Winter 2022 trends apply to every region. They are easy to recreate for every budget and personality.

Your goal is to make your customers look and feel like they have just walked the runway. You also want them to feel like they got it on sale. Buying winter wholesale clothing can make this a reality.

Why Buy Winter Wholesale Clothing?

Winter wholesale clothing suppliers work directly with manufacturers and designers who have the most information about trends, including hot new colors, patterns, and styles showcased on runways around the globe.

They also offer discount pricing for buying in bulk. The discount allows you to mark up the products for resale in your boutique high enough to make a significant profit but low enough to make your customers feel they got a good deal. Even small-batch orders cost less than if you were to buy directly from designers or retailers.

Below are seven trends for the 2022 holiday season. These are the essential must-haves for winter fashion, and combining them with fall/winter colors can turn your store into a destination for winter fashion. With a focus on setting the foundation and building upon it, the items listed below are the starter winter wholesale clothing pieces for your customers to adapt and make their own.

By giving customers the basics, you can upsell all the other tops, bottoms, outerwear, jewelry, and accessories that take their look to the next level.

1. Single White Tank

Yes, something so simple is one of the trendiest items this year. Women can wear a white tank top with pants or skirts in warmer climates. The white tank top can be the first layer under a button-down shirt, cardigan, or jacket in colder regions. In every area, a white tank top looks great with a pair of blue jeans.

Think of the white tank top as the backdrop for personality. Because you can get white tank tops for super-low prices, you can offer different styles in your boutique. Think about your customers’ styles. Do they prefer a turtleneck, boat neck, crop top, or long-length? Maybe all of the above. Show your customers how the right necklace, scarf, or belt gives an outfit extra oomph.

2. Un-Real Leather

If you pair a white tank top with faux leather (that looks and feels like genuine leather) pants or a skirt, you are Winter 2022 savvy. The leather look is big this year. And not just leather bottoms. Picture this, brown leather pants white tank top covered by a matching brown leather blazer. Who knew work clothes could be so sexy? If your customers are looking for business attire, offer faux leather fitted vests, shorts, miniskirts, or wide-leg pants.

3. Monochrome Madness

Pick a color, just one color, and choose varying shades of that color for each piece of clothing in your outfit. People are going mad, in a good way, for wearing the same color head to toe. Think charcoal chinos, a light grey button-down, and a grey and white plaid kimono. While neutrals seem the most popular, some choose to go bold with hot pink, metallics, and denim.

Help your customers choose the right colors for their monochrome look with interactive technology that helps them find the best colors for their skin tones.

4. Knit for Komfort

Knit pants? No, not a new trend but knit sweaters, yes! They are still in, and it doesn’t look like they will be thrown in the “that’s so last season” pile anytime soon. Even vintage knits paired with jeans or leggings are a hit. Unless your boutique sells vintage clothing, you can focus on the best knits for your customers.

You may not know this, but there are many knit options on the market—open-front cardigans, button-up cardigans, pullovers, hoodies, v-necks, cowl necks, cable, etc. Wholesale suppliers will have all these in different colors and patterns. Don’t get bogged down by all the options. Keep thinking about your customers’ preferences and cater to them.

5. My T-shirt Said It, Not Me

Graphic tees have come a long way. You are no longer stuck deciding between concert and sports t-shirts. They have become a way for your customers to express themselves without really expressing themselves. Categories of graphic tees can be funny, serious, or meh. Politics, charities, holidays, religion, pets, and memes are just a few examples.

The graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts you sell in your boutique should represent your brand’s mission. Don’t purchase graphic clothing based on personal opinions or what you saw a celebrity wearing on tv. If your boutique’s mission is to provide sustainable clothing, sell graphic tees that promote sustainable living. If your brand’s theme is western wear, selling clothing with Hello Kitty graphics would not be wise. Also, choose quality over quantity. Pick only a handful of t-shirts that represent your brand the best.

6. Oversized and Baggy

Loose-fitting clothing is here. Customers will search for long-length jackets, oversized sweaters, and super-wide-legged pants. Some may want their entire outfit baggy, while others may pair an oversized sweater with a straight pencil skirt. When choosing baggy clothing to sell, pick pieces that can be mixed and matched so customers can turn one or two outfits into multiple.

7. Y2K Is Back, Baby

What goes around comes around, even in fashion. Trending now is modern versions of the late 1990s and early 2000s clothing. You remember low-rise jeans, tie-front tops, velour jogging sets, and micro-miniskirts. It seems to be an era where anything goes, even tube tops, pleats, platforms, and denim jackets, bedazzled.

For your boutique, purchase clothing and accessories that hint at the Y2K trend but don’t go all in. That is unless your customers are all aboard the time travel train.

The right winter wholesale clothing distributor can help you help your customers stay on trend this winter. Start collaborating today.


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