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5 Boutique Decorating Ideas for Spring Clothing and Jewelry

5 Boutique Decorating Ideas for Spring Clothing and Jewelry - WFS

For most people, Spring starts in late March or April. For boutique owners, you must start thinking of Spring clothing and accessories in late January or February. While people are celebrating Valentine’s Day, you are prepping for a new season of products. Outside you may be dealing with cold weather issues, but inside, the mood is focused on freshness, renewal, and transition to warmer days. Planning for Spring also means thinking about decorating and displaying your spring clothing and jewelry. Below are 5 Spring boutique decorating ideas to help you impress your customers.

Say Goodbye to Old Boutique Decorating Ideas

Before decorating for Spring, you must clear out winter merchandise. If you can return items to your wholesaler and exchange them for trendy spring products, do it. Otherwise, start thinking of clearance sales.

You must also take down winter decorations, including the multi-layers of clothing from the mannequins, so you can start with a clean slate. Do the same with your window displays, social media pages, overhead music, and signage.

This type of Spring clearing will reveal areas that also need cleaning. Now, back to decorating inspiration.

Incorporate Outdoor Elements

Outdoor elements like plants, flowers, rocks, and other natural resources can be easily incorporated into your Spring displays for clothing and jewelry. Some boutique owners like to create a focus wall with strategically placed potted succulents. Some use dried flowers. If you find some small to medium funky rocks, put them on tables or drape a bracelet around them.

Twigs and branches can be spray painted bright, vibrant colors and placed in oversized vases. Choose paint colors representing your brand and the clothing and jewelry you will sell. The use of cut flowers will make your customers smile. Work with your local florist and negotiate a good deal on seasonal flowers. Place them throughout your boutique, which will smell better and create various focal points. Create paper flowers if you can’t find the real flowers you desire.

You may even want the florist to help you discover creative ways to incorporate nature’s beauties in your window displays.

Hang it From the Ceiling

Too often, boutique owners forget the ceiling can be a great display source. A new trend in decorating is the use of small swings that hang from the ceiling. When choosing a swing, don’t think of chains and plastic with kids jumping out of them. For decorating with clothing and jewelry, your swing has a different purpose, to display products.

Boutique decorating ideas for indoor swings include a simple slab of wood hanging on thick rope. This display is perfect for selling Spring outdoor wear. You can also hang multiple small swings and display a pair of shoes or handbags on each.

Style a mannequin to sit on a swing in a trendy outfit. Customers can see how the clothing bends and flexes.

Swings aren’t the only thing you can hang from the ceiling. A row of hanging antique windows makes an excellent backdrop for displays. Also, if you sell functional outdoor clothing and accessories, don’t be afraid to hang lightweight canoes, kayaks, bicycles, or sports equipment to draw attention to specific areas in your boutique.

Upcycled Displays

Upcycling reuses discarded items or materials to create functional, attractive new products. It’s an environmentally friendly technique of giving something old a new purpose. The upcycling boutique decorating ideas for Spring are as great as your imagination. Here are some examples:

  • Paint an old wooden ladder a bright color, hang small buckets from the rungs, and fill the buckets with accessories. Place it near the checkout area to tug on the impulses of customers waiting in line.
  • Paint drawers from an old dresser, hang them on the wall, and use them as shelving. Use vibrant, funky paint colors. You may even want to use wallpaper to cover the drawers. Don’t be afraid to go bold.
  • Repaint an old wheelbarrow and use it to display blue jeans.
  • Turn old picture frames into chalkboard signs.
  • Use old wooden soda crates as shelves.
  • Teacups and vintage plates are great for displaying jewelry.

If you can think of it, you can upcycle it.

Light it Up

The lighting you use in your boutique affects a customer’s mood, which is why you must get it right.

Spring makes you think of getting back outside. The gloomy winter weather is on its way out, and bright sunny days will soon arrive. Your boutique should reflect this change. That doesn’t mean making it so bright that it hurts your customer’s eyes unless you only sell sunglasses. Just kidding. With lighting, add subtle touches using various lighting sources to enhance each display.

Keep lighting simple to avoid distracting the customer from the clothing and jewelry. However, lighting must serve a purpose. Here are a few lighting boutique decorating ideas to try this Spring:

  • String lights on the ceiling make it feel like you are shopping under the stars.
  • Curtain lights can give the impression of rain.
  • Hidden lights underneath shelves will illuminate the displays below.
  • Paper lanterns are light and can hang from the ceiling.

Tips offered by professionals include layering your light sources, which can consist of task, ambient, decorative, and accent lighting. Consider brightness and tone, bulb types, and fixtures that match your brand and display messages. Most importantly, create a lighting plan.

Get Interactive

Your customers want an experience while shopping for Spring clothing and jewelry. Give them one. Let them take selfies to post on your social media pages and theirs. Taking trying on jewelry to the next level with an online program that pairs facial features with the best jewelry styles and shapes.

Other boutique decorating ideas include kiosks where customers can find deals and promotions. Use digital displays to tell the story of your brand and products. Utilize buy-online and pick-up in-store options.

Whatever you do, make it memorable (in a good way) for the customer. Doing so will increase loyalty for many seasons to come.


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