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7 Wholesale Spring Clothing Trends to Check Out for Your Store

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If you’re looking for wholesale spring clothing ideas, then look no further! Read below for details.

Many people think January is the month of renewal. It’s the first month of a new year, sure, but it’s also hard to feel renewed in the middle of winter. Cute outfits are covered up by layers of clothing meant only to keep you warm.

Early in the new year, most people are still winding down from the chaos of the holidays, recovering from the winter flu and blues, and focused on resolutions. Meaning they are thinking about making changes but not making them.

Spring is the true time of renewal. As the weather warms, you can sense the excitement everywhere you go. People spend more time outdoors, soaking in the vitamin D from the sun, exercising more, and of course, shopping for a new wardrobe.

As a boutique owner, you must have the Spring clothing trends stocked and ready for sale. Work with your wholesale supplier to get the inside scoop from the manufacturer about the upcoming trends. Until that happens, please read about the seven trends we’ve discovered.

1. Tote Bags, Big Ones

Spring is the time when everyone wants to get out of the house after being cooped up all winter. They want out, but they want to take their essentials with them. That’s where the tote comes in handy. The size your customers choose will determine how many essentials they can take.

Tropical patterns are trending now. Think palm trees and pink flamingos. We’ve been selling our Tropical Flamingo oversized tote and getting great feedback.

Because tote bags don’t kill the budget, your customers can purchase multiple totes to enhance other trends. 

Tote bags are created to support your mission, such as:

  • Carrying work materials
  • Traveling
  • Holding school supplies
  • Carrying library books
  • Enjoying the beach
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Picnicking
  • Shopping
  • Staying overnight at a friend’s house

Designs for totes today have expanded to patterns that match the personalities of all your customers.

2. Jumpsuit Nation

There is a jumpsuit out there for every woman. Whether your customers want a jumpsuit for running errands, attending a party, or interviewing for their dream job, it exists. Today’s jumpsuits are far greater than those worn in previous decades.

Jumpsuits are perfect for the transition between winter and spring when the weather can’t make up its mind. A kimono or long sweater can be worn over the jumpsuit on colder days. On warmer days, trade boots for sandals. They are incredibly versatile.

You can find them in various fabrics, sizes and with or without pockets or sleeves. The wholesale supplier you use should have a huge variety of options. 

3. Cool Cutouts

Someone took a plain piece of clothing, cut out a geometric shape, and bam, they created a new trend. Cutout designs are found in shirts and dresses from the hippest designers. The cutouts almost appear as jewelry or art in some pieces, especially when placed between a solid color and a pattern.

You can provide your customers, including the plus-sized ladies, with cutout clothing made to flatter the neckline, waist, back, and shoulders. 

4. Make it Mini

Miniskirts and minidresses are in stores everywhere. And you only need a couple of things to pull off wearing a mini: attitude and a good measuring tape. Getting the correct length for your body type could be the difference between walking with confidence and being scared to bend or shift.

For your petite customers, sell shorter miniskirts that make the legs look longer. For curvier women, sell minis that hit above the knee and have patterns that elongate the body. Click here for more tips on choosing the right mini.

5. Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine is the feel-good chemical in the brain that can be boosted by things that make you feel good. For some, that is an adrenaline rush. For others, it may be bright colors. In the boutique clothing world, dopamine dressing refers to clothing with textures, colors, and styles that make a mental connection to positive memories.

Dopamine dressing means your customers choose clothing with the specific purpose of feeling happier. The clothing boosts their mood. Their happy mood influences someone else’s mood and so on. It starts a ripple effect of positive energy.

6. A Flair for Flare

Bell-bottoms, boot cuts, and flare are trending this spring in all types of bottoms. Some retailers are ordering flared leggings while others are stocking up on flare legged jeans. However, one flare does not fit all, and you can choose from wide-legged, barely flared, or somewhere in between. 

What makes the flare so popular is how your eyes are drawn up the form-fitting pants to the waist. They create an illusion of length that can’t be ignored.

7. The Modern Tie-Dye

Tie-dyed clothing seems to be a constant trend. Something about the process, the blend of vibrant colors, and the memories associated with tie-dyes make them popular. Today’s tie-dye options go way beyond a crew neck tee or hoodie.

You can find tie-dyed dresses, kimonos, pants, tops, shoes, socks, and anything else, even hair clips. The designs have changed too. They are no longer one big circle. Instead, some clothing items have tie-dyed stripes, animal prints, and floral patterns. You can give your customers tie-dyed options in pastels or deep rich colors. The options are endless, and you can match items to your client’s preferences.

For moms with young children, you may want to offer minimally tie-dyed maxi dresses. If your customers are college students, you may want to stock a mint floral sleeveless tunic. You can even sell matching tie-dyed handbags and accessories.

In Conclusion

These are just seven of the numerous clothing trends to check out for your store in the Spring season. You may feel overwhelmed at times with so many options. But if you stay focused on your customers, style, and preferences, you will choose the trending clothing items they will love. Finally, don’t forget to consult with your wholesale supplier, who has the inside track on trends.


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