13 Mar

7 Ways to Wear One Dress

Picture this: you’re getting dressed in the morning. You peer into your closet and leaf through tees, cardigans, skinny jeans and jackets. You even try a thing or two on, only to toss them on your desk chair to hang up later that evening. It’s official: you have nothing to wear.

It happens to the best of us: we get into fashion ruts from time to time, where we seem to pair the same tops and bottoms together. We tire of our wardrobe because nothing feels fresh and you’ve worn it all before.

Well, we’ve got outfit inspo for you today—and our inspiration? The capsule wardrobe.

If you aren’t familiar with the capsule wardrobe yet, get ready to be enlightened. Simply put, the capsule wardrobe is reducing your closet down to key pieces that are timeless and pair well together. You then supplement those essentials with seasonally appropriate apparel. It all started in the fashion-forward 1970s when Susie Faux, a boutique owner in London, coined the term regarding a wardrobe starring only staples, and the school of fashion thought grew even more popular in the 80s.1

With the idea of the capsule wardrobe in mind, keep reading to see how you can style a single dress— our little black dresses from our wholesale clothing inventory—7 very different ways, for various seasons and occasions.

Make it wearable with knit accessories.

As the temperatures stay low and you don’t dare go outside with bare legs (brr!), make this dress seasonally appropriate with sweater tights. They’ll add coziness without the bulk and give your overall look an autumnal allure. Still shivering? Add a scarf! The beauty of the simplicity of this dress is that you may add accessories galore without worrying about your outfit seeming too busy. We love this comfy-casual look for weekends and low-key date nights.

Get smart with a blazer.

While this dress is undeniably casual, a blazer instantly adds a tailor-made structure that looks polished with little effort. Roll those sleeves up and this outfit is ideal for occasions like brunch with the besties or a night out. This is even appropriate for some job interviews at companies that have a laid-back dress code, as long as you keep your hair, makeup and accessories to a minimum and professional.

Punk it up.

If you read our post on the 8 Trends You’ll See in Spring 2018, you know that the military trend is still in. Toughen up this dress with black combat boots, a green utility jacket, silver jewelry and a swipe of cat-eye eyeliner. Neutral, contrasting stripes with olive hues are a match made in fashion heaven, and we don’t foresee this outfit going out of style anytime soon.

Take a step into prep territory.

For a more posh look that’s perfect for spring and summer happenings, match this dress with a pair of camel-hued sandals and braided belt, sunnies, and a neutral tote. The braided belt will completely change the silhouette of the dress. This would be an ideal outfit for a park picnic or sunshiny vacations. Don’t forget to sling a light-wash denim jacket over your tote in case you get chilly!

Put a skirt on it!

Layering a coordinating skirt atop a dress is the lazy person’s way of making it look like you bought a completely new outfit—and we think it’s totally clever. And the best part? No constant tucking required. The only rule is to make sure your skirt is longer than the dress so that no one notices your trick!

Now, put a shirt on it.

Hear us out: we love transforming a dress into something all-new by layering a tee, kimono, button-up or sweatshirt over top. For a preppy, more put-together look, opt for a chambray button up. You can’t tie the tails while it’s unbuttoned, or button it halfway for a more casual vibe. And for a pared-down outfit, go with a vintage-inspired sweatshirt or band tee. This styling trick creates an overall laid-back silhouette that’s great for running errands or casual weekend outings.

Vests are the best.

No matter the season or weather, vests can be an unexpectedly stylish way to layer. For chillier days, we recommend a puffy vest filled with cozy down. Since our dress is neutral in color, why not use a vest to add a pop of cherry red or autumnal leaf yellow? And on warmer fall or spring days, reach for an olive utility vest (hello again, militaristic trend) or a light-wash denim vest for a more classic look.

Do you carry a piece in your store that is incredibly versatile? Tell us in the comments below!

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