20 Mar

The Top 8 Swimwear Trends of 2018

Depending on where you reside, warm-weather vibes may feel very far away. What better way to make the cool weather speed up than by lusting over upcoming swimwear looks? No matter the temps, poolside hangouts, tropical vacays, and brand-new swimwear trends are near. Which styles should you carry in your boutique? Here are 8 swimwear trends that are forecasted to make a splash this year.

Belts, Harnesses, Suspenders.

This year, swimwear is staying away from minimalist and is all about eye-catching embellishments. Expect to see metal ring belts, edgy and goth-inspired harnesses, wide belts reminiscent of the ’90s, functional ties, and more strappy delights.

Metallics & Shine.

Speaking of eye-catching flair, put those sunglasses on because summer 2018 has an oh-so-bright future. We’re talking about allover gold shades, light-catching beads, silver bikinis and much more. If you’ve always wanted to glimmer like a magical mermaid, this is the in-style look for you. (Or maybe you just like metallics… that’s cool, too.)


Summer 2018 and its skin-baring pieces are taking a style note from spring trends—and participating in funky, clashing patterns. Think stripes and polka dots, vivid fruit prints and checkered prints, florals chock full of palm trees next to black mesh. Yep, the odd couples are all accounted for, and you can expect to see them popping up on two-piece suits and bikinis.

High Waists.

Okay, so this fad isn’t new to you. We love that hip-hugging bottoms that give a not-so-subtle nod to the 1950’s is still in. It’s a flattering look for all body types and can be amped up with eyelets, tiered ruffles, prominent patterns, powerful and retro red hues—and can be paired with any other trend.


Stripes aren’t new to you either, but they sure are seen all over the latest and greatest swimsuit styles that will hit the beaches and pools in 2018. But don’t surpass these familiar lines without knowing they’re getting a fresh take this time around. Whether it’s classic nautical stripes of blue and white or warm tones stretching vertically, stripes are ever-versatile—and they just might surprise you this year.


You might be saying, “What?!” We did too! But don’t write velvet swimwear off just yet. Designers are creating water-friendly, velvet pieces that can stand up to chlorine, salty seawater and be cared for like a regular swim material. Even better, you’ll see these super-soft, sexy suits in any silhouette you can dream up.


Delicate, cheeky, feminine and free—those are the words that come to mind when we think about crochet anything. We love the idea of crochet making a comeback with swimwear this summer, and we think the style possibilities are endless.


With athleisure being such a prominent trend the past few years, it’s no surprise that it’s sneaking (or should we say sprinting?) its way into swimwear too. You’re going to see sporty bralettes, sports bra tops, and high-leg bottoms.

Which trend are you most looking forward to seeing this summer? Which trend do you think is not-so-hot? Share in the comments below!

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