10 Apr

The ’90s Are Totally Back: 5 Flashback Finds to Feature in Your Boutique

The '90s Are Totally Back

You’re not clueless— it’s no secret that many of today’s trends have been inspired by the way fashion-following people dressed in the 1990’s. From neon mesh tops and black chokers to plaid mini skirts and platform shoes made popular by the Spice Girls, looks from a quarter of a century ago are still living on in our hearts—as well as on the runways and streets. Here are 5 ’90s-inspired styles that you should let shine in your boutique.

Womenswear Inspired By Menswear

Runways and popular shops like Nordstrom, Everlane, and ASOS are bringing back smart, oversized styles inspired by the ’90s power suit. Whether your customers are browsing for their 9-to-5 or brunch-ready wardrobes, they’re sure to love to see these smart styles pop up on your racks. The easiest way to include this trend in your boutique is by offering a small range of blazers—think longline, plaid, pops of bright colors and floral prints.

Denim One-Pieces

Looking for a no-fuss, easy-peasy style you can slip on without having to craft a whole outfit? A major trend of the moment is jumpers and overalls in every denim wash. Although these were once associated with toddlers, when styled correctly, jumpers and overalls can look grown-up and oh-so-stylish. And the best part? These one-piece wonders are meant-to-be when paired with wedges, casual sneakers, flats, and sandals, so let your visual merchandising skills loose and showcase these styles in your front window.

Sporty Track Pants

Okay, this is one of our favorite looks, and it’s making a striped return because of its comfort and cool factors. With the growing popularity of athleisure these past few years, it’s no surprise that track pants are winning the style race. Dress them down to run errands or style them up to wear out- these stretch-kissed pairs are much more versatile than you might think. Shop for these in solid hues, funky colors or neutral pairs with stripes, then showcase their versatility through your visual merchandising.

Retro, Round Glasses

Move over, Harry Potter—this accessory trend was around before you were around. They were actually popular decades before the 1990’s (and even before John Lennon), but It girls (and boys!) like Natalie Portman, Elton John, Winona Ryder and Lisa Bonet have helped this trend reemerge. Readers, classic sunnies and rosy-hued pairs in perfectly circular silhouettes are back and ready to bring attention to your customer’s peepers. Carry these clear or tinted frames in your store and place them near the checkout to entice a last-minute purchase.

Cuffed, High-Waisted, Light-Wash Jeans

Lovingly referred to as “mom jeans,” this echoing trend is the one of the most accessible and easiest to wear, in our humble opinion. We recommend keeping your classic boot-cut and skinny pairs in your store, but also adding in these trendier pairs for a more well-rounded stock. And you don’t need to go full-on with this trend to sprinkle into your inventory. Play it safe by choosing a few single elements to incorporate: Light washes, baggier silhouettes, high waists and ready-to-cuff lengths—or combine them all in one pair of jeans for a totally bangin’ pair of pants.

What’s your favorite ’90s-inspired trend, listed here or not? Share in the comments below!

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