25 Apr

Denim Refresh: 7 Jean Trends You’ll See in 2018

Denim Refresh: Jean Trends for Spring 2018

Whether it be a light-wash jacket that adds warmth on an autumn day, dark date-night pants that fit you just right, or a pin-loaded vest that completes a sunny-day ensemble, denim has the power to make an outfit and will never go out of style. This Spring 2018 (and Summer 2018 too!) is getting a refresh on the runways and fashion-forward sidewalks when it comes to dynamite denim.

1. Deconstructed Denim

Rips, tears, knee-and-thigh-baring holes, dangling shreds, asymmetrical silhouettes and scrapes—all forms of fabric annihilation are present in this year’s denim deconstruction. Although this fad has been around for a while, this year it’s getting a revamp with a few new embellishments. We always recommend offering ripped-up denim in a variety of washes, silhouettes and hem lengths, but this season, try to mix things up with embroidery, patches and other cool finishing touches that will be sure to turn heads.

2. Utilitarian Embellishments

Pockets aren’t just functional, they’re fashionable too! When we say ‘utilitarian,’ we’re talking about clothing that features useful additions like pockets, as well as tailored silhouettes and more durable fabrics. Whether it’s pants in grey, army green or traditional shades of blue, utility-focused jeans, jackets and vests are everywhere this year, and your customers will be no stranger to these looks.

3. High-Waisted Pants

High-waisted pants aren’t just for your mother and grandmother. The magic of high-waisted jeans comes from the ability to cinch in your waist to create a “conventionally beautiful” hourglass figure— and their versatility. Dress ’em up with heels, a trench and rose gold accessories, or dress them down with white sneakers, a band tee and minimal jewelry. We suggest that you carry high-waisted denim in a variety of washes; light washes are always a favorite for spring and summer.

4. Baggy Jeans

Giving a nod to funkier decades gone by (we’re talkin’ about the ’80s and ’90s), baggy jeans are back whether you love it or hate it. Show this up-and-coming silhouette by pairing it on your mannequins with tighter tops—or go full-on casual with baggy tops and outerwear too.

5. Cool Cuffs

Whether subtle and classic or severe in all the best ways, cuffed jeans are back in action. Perfect for showing off your new sporty sneakers, earthy sandals or velvet pumps, cuffed jeans are all about versatility and style from the bottom up. We suggest playing it safe with this trend, as the gigantic cuff might intimidate your customers. 

6. Raw, Edgy Edges

Pared-down, DIY-inspired denim skirts and pants with raw edges are ready to rock in 2018 because who needs hems anyway? We love how raw edges draw the eye downward to your fabulous footwear as well as an overall punky vibe this accent gives vest and jackets. Place these in-style pieces next to your shoe section, and feel free to show them with bold pieces, like neon tops, see-through button-ups and other tops that are hot this year.

7. All the Embellishments

This year’s denim is about to get a seriously eye-catching upgrade with embellishments galore, like glamorous sequins and sparkle, punky DIY patches, floral accents, panels in contrasting hues and even boho-inspired crochet. You can expect to see this on pants as well as skirts of all lengths— think mini and floor-grazing maxis. We recommend showing amped-up denim on your models and pairing it with simpler pieces, like solid tees, white button-ups and striped tanks so the embellishments may shine like the stars that they are.

8. Stitching You Can See

Drawing attention to seams, clothing construction and exposed top stitching is one of our favorite trends of the year because of its subtly. Place this look in your store by incorporating pieces with light-hued stitching, or go for a bolder look and opt for denim featuring bright threads.

Which denim trend do you plan to follow this year? Which fad could you live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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