10 Apr

The ’90s Are Totally Back: 5 Flashback Finds to Feature in Your Boutique

The '90s Are Totally Back
You're not clueless-- it's no secret that many of today's trends have been inspired by the way fashion-following people dressed in the 1990's. From neon mesh tops and black chokers to plaid mini skirts and platform shoes made popular by the Spice Girls, looks from a quarter of a century ago are still living on in our hearts—as well as on the runways and streets. Here are 5 '90s-inspired styles that you should let shine in your boutique. Womenswear Inspired By Menswear Runways and popular shops like Nordstrom, Everlane, and ASOS are bringing back smart, oversized styles inspired by the '90s power suit. Whether your customers are browsing for their 9-to-5 or brunch-ready wardrobes, they're sure to love to see these smart styles...
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