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Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends to Include in Your Boutique

Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends to Include in Your Boutique - WFS

Missing something in your boutique? How about including plus size fall fashion trends to make it complete? Get all the latest information here.

Many retailers are catching on that plus sized women make up the majority of American women, like 67%. Sizes 13 and higher are in more demand, and women today want to look good. They don’t want to get stuck choosing from two or three items with elastic wastes and no personality.

Your boutique can answer the call from all plus sized women asking for trendy outfits. Below are plus size fall fashion trends to include in your boutique.

Animal Print Sets

While everyone is still confused about returning to work and working from home, it’s essential to look good in either setting. Animal prints look great on plus size women, and a couple of different pieces can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.

For your boutique customers, choose animal print sets that are fitted and sophisticated. Women want clothes to look dressy but feel leisurely. Stay away from animal print sets that make a woman look like she is wearing a Halloween costume. Instead, choose a delicate print top with animal print ruffles or a mostly solid outfit trimmed with animal prints.

Plus size women may want to pair the set with a leather belt to match their leather boots. Or, she may want to dress it up with a kimono. She can feel confident and comfortable whether she is on a zoom meeting or in the conference room.

Jeans and an Oversized Sweater

Jeans are a must in any plus size closet. One in every shade of denim and styles from flared to form-fitting. Jeans can be dressed up or down for almost any event. And don’t be afraid to wear white in winter. Oversized sweaters, especially plaid sweaters, are trending now. Many women are wearing their jeans and sweaters with tall boots. Others are wearing ankle boots or heels.

To change up the look, offer your customers a scarf or standout piece of jewelry to drape around her neck.

Shiny Skirt

Events are on the horizon. Holidays, birthday parties, graduation, wedding, divorces, and times when women feel like dressing up. A shiny plus size skirt can meet all her fancy needs. What seems to be trending now in plus size fall fashion is pairing a shiny, formal-looking skirt with a casual top.

Picture this. If you are going to New Year’s Eve party, wear a solid, deep orange or camel-colored, knee-length skirt with pleats in the front. Up top, a fitted graphic tee and blue jean button-up jacket. Your customers will feel like they are getting away with something great. And they’re right.

Long, Long Tops

Think of the longest top in your closet. Now picture it flowing down below your knees. Yes, long tops are trending for plus size women. Don’t confuse this long top with a dress. There is a difference. Long tops have side and front slits that show off the cool jeans or leggings underneath. The long top is a mix of a t-shirt to the waist and a kimono the rest of the way.

Provide solid color options to your customers so they can pair them with patterned jeans or leggings. They may also want to showcase a fabric pendant necklace that matches their pants or layer thin gold chains to draw attention upward to their smiles.

Sleepwear for Self-Care

One of the biggest trends today is self-care. There are huge benefits to getting quality sleep, restorative sleep. Many sleep researchers recommend offering tips to get good sleep. One is to be comfortable. The intimates line you stock in your stock can make your customers look great and help them get a night of rest.

Sleepwear can range from long pants and a long-sleeve matching top to a silky slip dress with spaghetti straps and lace edging.

Red and Black Plaid

It seems like red and black plaid, or buffalo plaid never goes out of style. There are so many plus size options trending now that your customers will love. Here are a few examples of red and black plaid favorites to sell in your boutique:

  • Blazer or lightweight jacket
  • Leggings
  • Solid long-sleeve shirt with a red and black plaid deer applique in the center
  • Pajama sets
  • Sweaters
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Handbags

The Black Dress

Another plus size fall fashion trend that never goes out of style is a black dress worn solo, layered, and accessorized. Trending now in black dresses are three quartered sleeves, cinched waist midi, and maxis. Women with curves should be encouraged to wear clothing that enhances their curves, not hides them. Oh, and don’t forget the pockets where your customers can keep the important stuff, like lipstick and a cell phone.

Black dresses made with spandex are not in right now. Women like form-fitting but also want to breathe. Choose materials that hang loosely and are wrinkle-resistant. With the right accessories and outerwear, your customers can have a different black dress look every day of the week.

Level Up With Accessories

Trends in accessories come and go with the seasons. According to stylists, what’s hot right now is resin. Boutiques are selling resin rings, sunglasses, bracelets, keychains, and more. Also trending in accessories are scarves that can be worn around the neck, waist, or hair.

An essential accessory is a handbag, but not just any bag. It must be a statement piece with a ton of functionality—party on the outside, business on the inside. Trendy options to sell in your boutique include a quilted design leather outside with gold chain straps and inside pockets. Or surprise your customer with a purse within a purse. Not only do they look great, they feel like they are getting two products for one price.

Other handbags to feature in your boutique include hobo bags, wristlets, crossovers, and totes with texture.


When shopping for plus size fall fashion trends to include in your boutique, turn to your wholesale supplier for help. They can tell you what’s in demand so you can have the edge over your competitors. They can help you wow your customers with the hottest designs.


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