13 May

Why Tote Bags are the Must-Have Accessory This Season

Forget diamonds; a good tote bag is a girl’s tried and true best friend. Functional and stylish, tote bags can be dressed up or down and can serve a number of purposes. They’re arguably the most practical accessory you can carry! There are a million and one reasons totes are so popular, and why you see them everywhere. In grocery stores, gyms, amusement parks, classrooms, and more, they’ve become a go-to bag for almost any and every occasion. So, just why is a tote bag the must-have accessory this summer, and every summer hereafter?


The size of tote bags alone is reason enough to justify investing in at least one. They can hold far more than just your wallet and a pair of sunglasses. You can fill a chic, nautical anchor print tote with a delicious lunch and a towel for your day at the beach! Or, you can use a quirky pineapple print bag to carry your laptop and books as you head to the local library! No matter what your plans are, it’s easy to make everything you need to fit in a tote bag with room to spare. A day of work or a day of play is made easy with a good tote bag! The best part is, when the day is done, storage is a breeze. An empty tote bag is thin and easy to stow away without fear of warping the bag’s shape or taking up too much space. You’ll probably want to hang it somewhere easily accessible, since you’ll surely be in need of its services most days, but theoretically, long-term storage is a simple undertaking.


The versatility of these bags cannot be understated. They can function as gym bags, beach bags, diaper bags… the options are endless. And of course, if you just need a fashionable accessory that really adds that something extra to your outfit of the day, a beautiful floral tote can fulfill that need too! Is it any wonder why tote bags have taken the fashion world by storm? They come in all shapes and sizes, tall or wide, big or bigger! A black striped tote makes a fantastic everyday handbag. Alternatively, go for a wide tote with a gorgeous plaid pattern and rope handle that perfectly complements your denim shorts and ringer tee while you do your summer shopping! You’ll look super stylish as you go about your day, all while reaping the practical benefits your tote provides.


There are plenty of satchels, bags, backpacks, and purses out there that all share the same attractive benefit of being reusable. However, with the added advantage of being useful for such a wide variety of daily endeavors, tote bags really make the most of this perk. There’s no reason you should have to carry an additional plastic bag out of every store in which you choose to make a small purchase, and trying to put all of your items in a single, disposable bag could make it rip under the weight, since it’s not meant to be especially durable. Backpacks are bulky, and purses and satchels lack space. That’s where a tote bag comes in. A tote allows you to consolidate your items into one, easy-to-carry bag that can be slung over your shoulder. Perhaps more importantly, it can be reused time and time again, without fear of the bag losing its integrity if you fill it to the brim with items acquired after a busy day of shopping. Why waste a bunch of throwaway bags that can only be used once, if they even last the day, when you can simply carry one super stylish alternative?

Whatever your lifestyle, an arsenal of good tote bags is a must-have for any wardrobe or boutique if you’re after something functional, fun, and fashionable! This summer season is an excellent time to stock up on the latest and greatest styles. After all, it’s the time of year that people are traveling and going outside, meaning they’re especially in need of a good bag. We here at WFS want to help and inform shoppers and shop owners about the latest trends and styles. We hope our insight into the versatility of tote bags has been beneficial! Visit our website to view our catalog of summer totes. We’d also love to hear from you! Drop a comment below telling us how you like to use your tote bags!

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