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7 Fashion Earrings Trending Right Now

fashion 7 Fashion Earrings Trending Right Now - Wholesale Fashion Square

There are so many different variations of fashion earrings now, that it’s definitely worth knowing the top picks. Read on.

Tube hoop, statement, sculptural, celestial, huggie, hoop, stud, and chandelier. These are just a few names of earrings trending right now. The thousands of earring options can be overwhelming if you are a boutique owner shopping for women of all cultures and backgrounds and with unique personalities. But you must do it because earrings have a purpose.

They complete an outfit, show off your personality, and highlight facial features. That is if you know how to match the shape of the earrings to the shape of your face. We’re here to help. Below is what we have learned from the experts on choosing the right earrings based on face shape. We’ve paired seven face shapes with 7 fashion earrings trending right now. Plus, we added a few extra suggestions we think your customers will love.

Pass this information onto your customers so they can purchase the earrings that are going to make them look and feel like a star.

Earring for Different Shaped Faces


1. Earrings for the Inverted Triangle Shaped Face

Having an inverted triangle-shaped face means your forehead is the widest part, and your chin is the narrowest.

Choose chandelier or teardrop earrings to give more width and balance to the jawline. If your customer’s personality is laid back and hippy-ish, they can choose a bohemian chandelier style with beads in their favorite color. If they attend a formal event, show them the rhinestone marquise chandelier. Or, if they are looking for a versatile, everyday style, the teardrop abalone in a neutral tone will match outfits of any color.

2. Oval Shaped Faces

The oval shape is the most versatile shape. Since you can wear just about any shape earring,

you want to base your choice on things like color, tone, or personality. For example, if it’s the holiday season, show them the earrings that match. Offer earrings with Santa and snowmen during Christmas, turkeys for Thanksgiving, and flags for the fourth of July. Better yet, group seasonal earrings and offer a promotion of buy two, get one half off.

3. Round Shaped Faces

Round-shaped faces are widest at the cheekbones. Avoid wearing round-shaped earrings.

Instead, choose earrings that will elongate your face, like drop or dangle. Your customers can make a statement with earrings. If they like to show their faith or spirituality, they could choose a metal earring, like the burnished gold dangle with a cross on it. If they want animal prints, offer them a drop earring with a snakeskin disc or the leopard print stars.

4. Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are similar to the inverted triangle, except they usually have a widow’s peak. Choose dangle earrings that are wider at the bottom for balance. The acetate, tortoise-like shell dangle earring is a perfect choice. It has three circles, with the smallest at the top. Your customers may also love the trend going on with tassel and fringe. Give them options like a tassel earring that fans out at the bottom of the fringe, lots of fringes that gather at the top but flow wide.

5. Long and Thin Shaped Faces

A long and thin-shaped face needs width. Choose any earrings that are round or have round elements, like studs, hoops, or clusters. You can have a lot of fun stocking your shop with round earrings. There are many options, like rhinestone studs and gold hoops for basic and versatile styles. Funkier earrings, like acrylic discs with artwork printed on them, let customers make a statement and show off a little of their quirky sides. Those who are into mindfulness will fall in love with the tree of life inside a gold metal circle.

6. Square Shaped Faces

Square-shaped faces have foreheads and jawlines that are similar in width. Round earrings that fall between the cheekbones and the jawline create balance. You can continue the fun of picking round-shaped earrings for your customers. If they are proud Americans or want to represent on special holidays, you can offer the round USA flag discs.

What’s hot right now in fashion is showing off what makes you special. You can help your customers do this by offering earrings with words like the round hoops with the words “best mom” or “walk by faith” on the inside. Or the ones that say “mama bear” to let everyone know not to mess with her babies.

7. Diamond-shaped faces

Diamond-shaped faces are wider across the cheekbones and narrow in the forehead and chin. They have sharper edges than the round shape. Dangle earrings make this shape face shine. Just make sure your dangles are soft around the edges. Oval woven straw dangle earrings are great for summer events, along with fruit and beach-themed dangles. Check out over 30 pineapple-shaped earring options popular with other boutique owners. For a more classic look, customers like the two-layer oval drop earring. 

Skin Tone and Earrings

The key to picking the right earrings is accentuating your best features and drawing eyes away from your least favorite features. But earring shape is just one factor. You should also consider skin tone. 

Our quick reference tip on skin tone is looking at your veins. If they are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. If they are green, you are warm-toned—cool-toned skin pairs beautifully with blues, purples, greens, burgundy, and pinks. Warm-toned skin needs earthier colors like olive green, orange, yellow, and red. 

Hair Color and Earrings

Hair color matters when it comes to choosing earrings. For your customers with black hair, you want to stock earrings with colors that pop. For those with light, ash, or blond hair color, vibrant colors stand out, like the basics of red, blue, green, and yellow, or shades of those colors. 

Brunettes look fantastic in pastels, and redheads just need to avoid red. Instead, they should go for serene shades of blue and green.

Buy Your Fashion Earrings Today!

When buying earrings, shop with your wholesale supplier first. You will get the trendiest earrings at the lowest cost, giving you higher profit margins. You will feel rewarded seeing your customers excited about the earrings they purchased, which was a reason for opening your shop in the first place. 


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