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Perks of Buying a Variety of Clothes Wholesale for Your Boutique

Perks of Buying a Variety of Clothes Wholesale for Your Boutique - WFS

Buying a variety of clothes wholesale is essential for boutique business success. Read further about the perks.

A perk is a benefit, an advantage, something that makes you smile. As a business owner, you already enjoy some perks. For example, you are your own boss and get to make the decisions. Also, owning a clothing boutique means you get to buy clothes.

That sounds like the best job ever, until you realize you must buy clothes for customers, not yourself. Your job is to fill your boutique with clothing options that meet the various sizes, styles, colors, and preferences your customers want to buy.

Buying wholesale clothing helps you meet your customers’ needs and gives you many more perks. Keep reading to discover which perks apply to your boutique.

Perk: You Get the Scoop on Trends

Wholesale suppliers buy directly from manufacturers and designers. These are the same manufacturers who know which trends will be popular next season. This information is passed down to the wholesaler, who then shares it with you.

Knowing the trends before they happen gives you an edge over your competitors.

Price Perks

Buying clothes wholesale saves you money. Savings are based on the number of products you buy. The bigger the bulk, the bigger the discount. If you’re worried about having enough storage and being left with excess merchandise that didn’t sell through, then you’re thinking like a successful boutique owner.

Good wholesale suppliers can help you with these issues. They offer small batch ordering, allowing you to purchase fewer items at a discount rate. It won’t be discounted as much as a large batch order but still enough for markups and excellent profit margins. Small batch ordering lets you test your market. If your customers love the products, you can place a larger order next time for bigger savings.

Online Ordering Perks

Wholesale suppliers adapt to the changes in society, especially regarding technology. Online ordering saves hours, even days, of searching for the right clothes, placing an order, and receiving the items. For those who love clothes but hate trade shows, online ordering eliminates the need to attend.

For those of you who love trade shows, you can have the best of both worlds. You meet the wholesale suppliers, touch and feel the products, and place an order. Your online ordering can begin with reorders.

Online ordering is simple too. Click on an item you want to buy, add it to your online shopping cart, follow the prompts to check out, pay for your order, and wait for its arrival.

Product Variety Perks

When you shop online for wholesale clothing, you will know when you have found the right supplier. You will feel like you hit the jackpot with a supplier that provides a wide variety of products. Not only do they offer numerous trendy clothes, but they also offer accessories and gifts. You’ve found a wholesale supplier who understands the meaning of a one-stop shop.

This helps you because you don’t have to build multiple relationships with various wholesalers. You can get everything you need from one, saving you time, effort, and money since adding accessories increases your bulk. Plus, over 80% of shoppers polled in a recent study said variety is important to them.

A great wholesale supplier for boutique clothing will offer tops, bottoms, dresses, hats, jewelry, belts, scarves, handbags, outerwear, seasonal items, and much more.

Quality Perks

Some retailers think buying in bulk means the products will be of less quality. This may be true for some wholesale companies but not all. You will need to research the quality of the clothing before placing your first order. Read reviews online to see the feedback given by other retailers. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples or references of current or former customers. You may also want to place a small batch order, which will help you test the entire process, from ordering to shipping.

Shipping Perks

Buying various clothes wholesale for your boutique means you can get great deals on shipping costs. You can also try negotiating better shipping deals with your wholesaler. With postal prices increasing recently, finding creative ways to save on shipping is a must. One way to save is to work with a wholesale supplier in the United States. Overseas shipping and delays can be costly for your boutique.

Another shipping perk when working with wholesale suppliers is when you set a deadline, and they deliver your products on time. No more worrying about whether your new arrivals will arrive in time for promotional events.

Customer Service Perks

There will be times that you have a question after standard business hours. A good wholesale supplier will be there for you around the clock to answer questions and resolve any problems. They are responsive, so you don’t have to wait. They are consistent and competent.

Wholesale suppliers with excellent customer service show respect, can listen, empathize, and understand it is their job to serve you.

Happy Customer Perks

Offering a variety of clothes in your boutique means your customers have more options. Because you buy wholesale clothing at a discount, you can pass some of your savings on to your customers. You can also provide the customer experience desired by many people today.

Everyone is busy, even when shopping. The more your boutique adds convenience to your customers’ lives, the happier they will be and the more they will frequent your shop.

Working with a wholesale supplier will help you give your customers the best prices, options of quality, trendy clothing, and the convenience of shopping in one place for most of their needs.


Buying a variety of clothes wholesale for your boutique should be fun and easy. Working with the right wholesale supplier allows you to spend more time on customer satisfaction, brand promotion, and all the other steps involved in a successful business. In your search for a wholesale supplier, list the perks you want to receive. Don’t stop searching until you find the one that can offer those and much more.


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