20 Feb

The Wardrobe Essentials to Update This Winter

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably turned a critical eye toward the contents of your wardrobe when stuck at home on a snowy winter day. While you’re in the midst of a closet clean out, it might seem counterintuitive to think about what you can add to your clothing collection. However, you might notice a few gaps in your wardrobe as you select items to donate or toss. With end-of-season sales and new spring items popping up in stores, midwinter is the perfect time to think about replacing some staple pieces in your clothing arsenal. Here are six items we’re planning to refresh with updated options in the coming months.

Sweaters: Now that we’re deep into sweater season, you might be noticing a few issues with your coziest knitwear. Consistent use can take a toll on your favorite sweaters in the form of pills, snags, and droopy shapes caused by hangers and frequent washing. Take a few minutes to sort out your sweater collection and toss any items that have seen better days. For most of us, there’s still plenty of cold weather ahead, so now is the perfect time to boost your knitwear game with a chic new pullover, an oversized cardigan, or even a timeless sweater dress.

Office Staples: Most of us have a fairly standard office uniform for the winter months—maybe something like black pants with a classic top, or a conservative dress layered over opaque tights. But falling into a style rut can make the work week feel like even more of a drag. Bid farewell to a few of the tired or boring pieces in your closet and update your work wardrobe with a pair of statement pants or a sharp new blazer. You might also consider investing in a quality bag for your workday commute; a structured leather option shows that you’re a boss babe much more clearly than that free canvas tote from the bookstore.

Boots: If there’s one undeniable fact about your winter wardrobe, it’s that your favorite boots take a beating after a few months of wear on snowy, salty, and soggy streets. There’s a high likelihood that one of your most beloved pairs has fallen victim to the ravages of the season but never fear—winter is actually the perfect time to upgrade your shoe collection. End-of-season sales are filled with boots that need to move before spring begins, so take advantage and snag a few statement pairs to carry you through the rest of the season.

Occasion Dresses: The approach of spring means the kickoff of another wedding season, and that in turn means you’ll need a few show-stopping dresses in your arsenal for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and the big day itself. If last year’s options aren’t striking your fancy, get a jump on shopping for some updated dresses for formal occasions. Start with the most timeless pick: a brand-new little black dress. Then dive into 2019’s trendiest concepts to make sure you stand out at every event this year.

Outerwear: End-of-season sales offer an unbeatable opportunity to upgrade another staple of your winter wardrobe: outerwear. After a few winters of daily wear, your winter coat might be looking more sad than chic. Trade in that deflated down parka for a classic wool coat in a statement color, or consider adding some alternative outerwear options to your closet—we love a cozy vest or chunky, oversized cardigan for those unexpected warm days that begin to pop up near the end of winter.

Spring Prints: If you’re still experiencing winter’s deep freeze, it may seem counterintuitive to start thinking about your spring wardrobe. But collections for the new season are already starting to pop up in stores this time of year, and you can be the first to jump on the latest trends. As you’re shopping for the staples above, keep an eye out for pieces in the trendiest prints for Spring 2019. Our best advice: don’t be afraid to look beyond florals! We’re planning to upgrade our wardrobe with polka dots, tie-dye, and the ubiquitous trend that shows no signs of slowing down—animal print.

Which items are on your list for a wardrobe refresh this winter? Share your best tips for updating your closet in the comments—we can’t wait to hear from you!

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