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The Different Types of Plus Size Wholesale Dresses

The Different Types of Plus Size Wholesale Dresses - WFS

Keep up with the trends and find a variety of plus size wholesale dresses for your boutique. Read on.

The good news: trendy, plus size clothing options are available everywhere, and you can buy them wholesale. The not-so-good news: figuring out which plus size pieces to buy can be challenging.

The description “plus size” seems to vary by designer, age group, and type of clothing. A plus size dress by one brand may be completely different from other brands. Shirts, tees, bottoms, underwear, and outerwear can have different plus size measurements. This makes choosing plus size clothing for your customers confusing and frustrating.

You can do things to make buying plus size wholesale dresses a lot easier for you and your customer. First, learn what plus size means in America so you can teach your customers how to choose the best size for their body type.

Know the Sizing System for Plus Size Dresses

Three main sizing systems are used today for plus size clothing, including misses, women, and X. Misses plus size clothing is usually marked with a double-digit number, typically starting at 14 and ranging to 24 or higher. Some designers may add a J for juniors or M for misses, which tend to run at least one size smaller than adult sizes and are often odd numbers.

If a “W” follows a number on the clothing, it represents plus size clothing for women. For example, 14W means the dress is a size 14 but made for larger, curvier women. If apparel is made in petite or tall versions, the tag will show this as “16WP” or “!6WT”. Women’s plus size clothing tends to run in even numbers.

If you see “X” on the tag, the item is plus sized but with a more general fit and style. Depending on a woman’s shape and size, she may be able to wear an XXL, 0X, or 1X. Sizes may range from XXL to 8X or higher. Loose fit or oversized multi-use sweaters are a great example of when the X is used for sizing.

Understand Sizing Charts for Plus Size Dresses

Every brand may have a different sizing chart. Some may resemble the chart of other brands, some may overlap, and some may not make sense. For example, a woman searching for a size 16 dress may try on one created using the following measurements: 44” bust, 36” waist, and 46” hips. She may try on another dress from a different designer who used the American sizing standards: 38”-39.5” bust, 29.5”-31” waist, and 40.5”-42” hips.

If you plan to sell various brands in your clothing boutique, provide sizing charts from each brand for your customers. You will be saving them time, effort, and frustration when shopping.

Buy Different Types of Plus Size Dresses Wholesale

Wholesale suppliers work directly with manufacturers, so they have a deep understanding of the sizing methods used by each one. Many wholesalers go a step further and purchase clothing with the same or similar sizing charts. This can help you formulate a size breakdown for ordering. It also offers several benefits for your brand and your customers, like the following:

  • Consistency- your customers will know what to expect when choosing clothes that fit
  • Simplicity- you don’t have to provide multiple sizing charts or remember measurements of various brands
  • Efficiency- you can better streamline tasks involved in selling plus size dresses, including marketing, inventory management, ordering, and reordering.

Wholesale suppliers are the first to know which trends will be hot in the upcoming seasons. They can help you get an edge over your competitors by sharing which plus size dresses will be in demand.

Know the Different Body Types for Plus Size Dresses

Good wholesale suppliers offer a wide range of plus size dresses. Many options make it easier for you to provide options that meet all your customers’ body shapes and sizes. For example, a customer with an apple shape, or round body type, will look great in a V-neck t-shirt mini-dress in a pastel color.

For customers who prefer long-length dresses to mini versions, there are trendy V-neck, sleeveless options that can be worn with flip-flops in summer or with a sweater and boots in the Fall.

Pear-shaped women benefit from drawing attention to their upper body. Choosing a plus size dress with cutouts around the neckline will be flattering. For hourglass figures, structured plus size dresses accentuating curves are a good choice. Rectangle shapes look fantastic in long flowing maxi dresses. Add tiered patterns for extra oomph.

Embrace Different Types of Plus size Dresses

Bold colors, stripes, and tight-fitting were once only used for dresses fitting the tall models and more petite, thin women. That is not the case today. Below are some types of knockout, plus size dresses you can buy wholesale that will make your customers feel and look great.

  • Fit and Flare Dresses

The fit and flare dress is defined by how the dress appears from the top down. From the chest to the hips, the dress hugs the body. It fits but is not too tight. Around the hips, the dress starts to flare. Some dresses will flare dramatically and others only slightly.

  • Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are form-fitting all over but have strategically placed slits and cutouts that allow flexibility. They are great for layering and come in various lengths for every season.

  • Empire Waist Dresses

Most dresses take a different shape around the waistline. Empire waist dresses start changing under the bustline. Some people call them baby doll dresses. They elongate the waistline with the fitted top and loose-fitting bottom.

  • A-Line Dresses

A-line dresses are fitted through the shoulders and flare out towards the bottom hem. It is one of the most worn types of dresses. They look great, whether solid in color, patterns, or embellishments.

Finding the Best Plus Size Dress Wholesaler

When looking for a wholesaler for plus size dresses, choose one with many options, including lengths, sizes, colors, and patterns that flatter all body types. Also, a wholesale supplier will have accessories like jewelry, handbags, kimonos, and hats.

Finally, the right wholesale supplier will offer trendy, high-quality, affordable plus size dresses. Their goal is the same as yours, to make your customers happy.


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