29 Nov

Style Update: 5 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Favorite Jewelry

If you’ve ever opened up your jewelry box and felt a sense of fatigue rather than excitement, it might be tough to figure out why. You love your jewelry collection, after all. Some pieces might have sentimental value, while others are sparkling standouts that you loved when you brought them home from the store. When you’re feeling tired rather than inspired by your accessory options, consider reimaging your favorite pieces of jewelry instead of adding something new to your collection. Here are five fresh and creative ways to wear the best pieces in your jewelry box.

Reimagine Your Rings: If wearing a single ring doesn’t feel like your thing these days, consider adding some drama to your look with a bold collection of multiple rings. Festoon your fingers with a multitude of rings for lots of sparkle at a glamorous event, or simply wear an assortment of understated bands for everyday errands. You’ll soon find yourself developing a newfound appreciation for these workhorses of your jewelry wardrobe. We especially love to gather several slender bands and stack them together on one finger for a bold look with lots of color and texture. If you have a ring that’s sized for your pinkie, try transferring it to your thumb, where you can wear it as a midi style.

Reverse Your Necklaces: If you’re in a serious style rut when it comes to jewelry, take a very literal approach to update your necklace look and flip things around! Wearing a necklace backward is a great way to see one of your favorite pieces in a new light. This look works best when the necklace in question doesn’t have a traditional clasp, so stick to ones that are designed as a continuous loop, or those that feature alternative closures, like lariats. The reversed necklace is ideal for an open-backed top; you’ll get the look of a cool choker in the front, and a surprising bit of sparkle that’s perfectly framed by your attire when you turn around.

Mix and Match Earrings: Many of us have an overflowing collection of small-scale stud earrings, but these low-key accessories can easily begin to feel uninspiring after a few years. Enter a very simple solution: mix and match! This playful earring look works best if you have multiple piercings per ear, but even a single mismatched pair makes a quirky conversation starter. The key here is keeping the look purposeful instead of making people wonder if you got dressed in the dark. Select mismatched earrings with a common thread—all geometric shapes in yellow gold, all circular gemstones, one moon, and one star, etc.—for a calculated look with a whimsical touch.

Layer Up: Of course the colder months are the perfect time for layering clothes, but did you know the layered look can extend beyond your coziest coats and sweaters? Much like rings, your favorite necklaces can find new life when they’re layered together. Try wearing two or three necklaces over a simple shirt to create an eye-catching collection. Start by choosing a set of necklaces with one unifying feature, like a gemstone or metal that’s used in all of the design. Once you’ve established this touchstone for your look, add variety by mixing up different lengths. You might pair a choker with a longer pendant, or opt for a few delicate strands that reach to different points for maximum visual interest.

Go Two-Tone: In the world of fashion, there’s one cardinal rule when it comes to jewelry: don’t mix your metals. But today’s fashionistas are showing that rules are made to be broken! There’s no longer a taboo when it comes to mixing up gold, silver, and other metallic tones. However, a few tips can be helpful for pulling off this mix-and-match look successfully. For best results when breaking this old-school rule, stick to combinations of just two metals. We love the contrast of cool silver and warm rose gold, or atonal pairing of white and yellow gold pieces. It’s also key to select similar styles of jewelry when trying out this trend. If you’re just getting started with mixed metals, stick to sleek, contemporary pieces without any additional stones or flourishes for a two-tone look that feels pretty and purposeful.

What are your favorite ways to spice up your jewelry collection? Leave us your tips and tricks in the comments!

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