15 Jan

Romantic Valentine’s Day Accessories To Have Stocked In Your Boutique

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to stock cute accessories in your boutique. It is important to always have a lot of cute jewelry, shoes, and accessories on hand to add on to an outfit or satisfy shoppers looking to purchase gifts for the love in their life or for themselves. 

Whether your customers are spending Valentine’s day on a hot date with a special someone, having a ball out with friends, or cozied up at home, they won’t be able to resist buying themselves a cute accessory to commemorate the day and celebrate some self love. Purchase these fun accessories for your boutique’s displays and even have some of them by the cash register for customers open to making festive impulse purchases before they check out.  The romantic accessories on Wholesale Fashion Square are anything but corny.  Your customers will be able to wear these gorgeous pieces all year long.

A Lovely Statement

Jewelry with a message is trendier than ever.  Giant letter necklaces are a chic way for your customers to show off their initial or that of someone they love.  Necklaces with custom engraved messages and words on them are super romantic and a great conversation starter.  They can have specific latitude and longitude coordinates to an important place, or any meaningful name, word, or phrase. Pretty bracelets with unique words, symbols, or charms on them can also have this same statement effect, keeping all of the Valentine’s Day Date attention on whoever is wearing them.  Encourage your store’s sales associates to wear these unique items around the store– they are most appealing off of the displays and on people who care about the message they are sending.

Bundle Up, Buttercup

Help your shoppers keep warm on this Valentine’s Day by purchasing cute, soft, blanket scarves for your boutique.  Scarves are always a luxurious gift for a loved one or a welcome addition to any cold winter outfit.  Draped over a coat or wrapped around the neck, these scarves can add a pop of color and beautiful texture while keeping your customers feeling cozy and warm.  Display these scarves in your boutique by wrapping them on a layered display, organized beautifully by color.

Put A Ring On It

It is important to know that whenever you are at dinner with someone, they can’t help but to pay a bit of attention to your hands.  This is why, on any important dinner date, your customers should know to make sure that their hands go well with the rest of their outfit.  Help your customers combine their outfit with the perfect nail polish color, some cool bracelets, and dainty rings to keep all of the attention on them and look put-together and complete from head to toe.  Rather than throwing all of these items in a bin in your store, invest in appealing jewelry displays that will make every piece look gorgeous, high quality, and inviting to try on.

A Dozen Rose Gold Pieces

Rose gold, a blend of yellow gold, copper and silver, is the most romantic and trendy metal today.  It’s romantic rose-colored undertones and shiny finish make it a gorgeous metal that can match so many different outfits and accessories.  Purchasing rose gold jewelry and clothing clong with accessories having rose gold hardware will attract trendy customers who are looking for unique pieces that will go perfectly with all of the jewelry in their closet.  Display these items in standout areas of your store where your customers can adequately take in the beautiful color and reach out and feel the luxurious materials that make up each individual piece.

Stock these items in your boutique to inspire your customers to purchase a little gift for themselves and exhibit self-love.  Wholesale Fashion Square has the most gorgeous Valentine’s Day inspired outfits at prices that will allow your customers to spend more money on a fun date with a special someone. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get festive and stock your boutique with sexy and romantic clothes and accessories that will make your customers feel confident and full of love as soon as they try them on.  Shop for your boutique on Wholesale Fashion Square, where you will find the best wholesale clothing at 50-70% below typical wholesale prices.  

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