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9 Clothing Store Layout and Design Ideas to Improve Sales

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The layout of your store is crucial for sales. Here are some clothing store layout ideas we’ve collected from successful boutique owners.

Your clothing store layout and design should accomplish the following goals: draw customers in, encourage them to check out the entire store, buy wholesale clothing and other items that give you higher profit margins, and return in the future as loyal customers.

Whether you have a large or small retail space, you can design it to meet the above goals. Below are clothing store layout ideas we’ve collected from boutique owners who are winning with sales.

1. Use the Right Lighting

Lighting throughout your store must be perfect. It can’t be too bright or so dim you can’t tell blues from blacks. Lighting affects your products’ appearance and your customers as they try on clothing in the dressing room.

Lighting should match the wholesale clothing, jewelry, and other items you sell and set a good mood for customers. Happy attitudes lead to happy purchases.

2. Create a Good Flow

Ever walked into a store and wondered which way direction to go first? Or, found a store so packed with products movement was almost impossible? If so, you probably don’t go back to that store often.

With a good flow, customers don’t have to think about where to go next. They move smoothly to the next rack or section without bumping into other people or products, but they can see and touch every item.

3. Make an Immediate Impact

Along the same lines as good flow, it’s essential to grab the customer’s attention as soon as they enter. Research shows most people make a right turn when they enter a store. Therefore, create an impact wall or section on the right side of your entrance door.

4. Match Your Music

It’s nice to hear music in the background when shopping. The right music makes people feel good. They want to stay in your store longer and are more likely to make a purchase. The wrong music can turn potential customers into runaways.

Music should match your wholesale clothing and products. You don’t want heavy metal blaring through the speakers if you’re selling clothes for the modern hippy. Instead, choose a sixties playlist that is soft with a powerful message.

5. Keep Customers Interested

If you notice customers talking to their shopping partners more than looking at your products, there’s a problem. Your clothing store layout and design should prevent distractions and make customers eager to see what’s next.

One idea to keep customers interested includes using virtual reality or digital experiences. You can show customers how clothing outfits look together, help them find and match their skin tone, or take fun online quizzes to determine their style.

6. Provide the Extras

Even when you have the trendiest, most popular items in your store, not everyone will purchase them due to simple problems you can provide as a courtesy to your customer. Here are some examples:

  • If a customer doesn’t purchase a pair of pants because they are too long, offer alterations for free or for a small fee.
  • If a customer is hungry or thirsty, they may leave your store to satisfy those needs with the promise of returning. However, there is no guarantee they will return. Provide small snacks and drinks to keep those customers shopping in your store.
  • Offer free delivery to customers who live nearby and spend a minimum amount.
  • Offer online wholesale clothing and jewelry purchases with curbside pickup or delivery.
  • Create an app for easy purchasing.
  • Provide coat and bag checks for free.
  • Implement incentive and reward promotions for loyal customers.
  • Allow customer groups to shop outside regular hours with pre-booked parties.

7. Make the Dressing Room an Experience

Customers hate trying to cram clothing items into a tiny dressing room and having limited space to undress, dress, and redress. They also hate the teeny, unflattering, dirty mirror.

When a customer enters a dressing room, it should be an experience they never forget. If this means you have two dressing rooms versus five, so be it. Start with ample space, big enough for two or three friends to tag along. Inside the dressing room, provide storage for handbags, wallets, belts, coats, etc. Also, provide comfortable seating.

Do not throw in a couple of fold-out chairs. Provide luxurious but affordable, comfortable seating. A chaise lounge, oversized loveseat, or vintage wingbacks may work. Make sure the design of the dressing room matches the rest of the store.

You may want to add multiple mirrors that showcase the clothing from all sides, a catwalk, and an area where customers can refresh themselves before they reenter the main store. Your dressing room should be a topic of discussion when they leave, in a good way.

8. Offer a Customization and Personalization Section

Your customers are unique and want their differences to shine. You can help them shine with personalization on a set group of products placed in one store section. Monogramming, etching, and stenciling are customized services you can provide that will increase your profit margins. Customers may buy for themselves and as a gift for someone else.

9. Create an Unforgettable Checkout Station

If a customer has made it to the checkout station, they are making a purchase. That’s great! You can thank them by giving them a fantastic checkout experience. Here are some tips:

  • Get creative when choosing furniture for the checkout station. Choose a piece that has workstations and storage but also fits the theme of your store.
  • Keep the customer shopping during checkout with cool products they may not need but will impulsively buy.
  • Take multiple forms of payment from credit and debit cards to online transfers like PayPal.
  • Separate customer service and online pickup spots from the checkout station to avoid overcrowding and confusion in one area.
  • Use modern point of sale equipment that won’t break down in the middle of a customer appreciation sale.
  • Create seasonal spots where customers take a selfie and share it on social media. That’s free marketing for your boutique.

Clothing Store Layout Conclusion

While there are hundreds of more tips for creating the best clothing store layout and design for your boutique, these will lead to improved customer satisfaction, which will lead to an increase in sales.

And if you’re looking for a quality wholesale clothing supplier, feel free to reach out to us for information and with any questions. We serve Los Angeles, California and Texas with their wholesale needs, and throughout the United States.


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