10 Nov

Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends to Include in Your Boutique

Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends to Include in Your Boutique - WFS
Missing something in your boutique? How about including plus size fall fashion trends to make it complete? Get all the latest information here. Many retailers are catching on that plus sized women make up the majority of American women, like 67%. Sizes 13 and higher are in more demand, and women today want to look good. They don't want to get stuck choosing from two or three items with elastic wastes and no personality. Your boutique can answer the call from all plus sized women asking for trendy outfits. Below are plus size fall fashion trends to include in your boutique. Animal Print Sets While everyone is still confused about returning to work and working from home, it's essential to look good in either...
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20 Aug

7 Reasons to Include Trendy Plus-Size Clothing in Your Boutique

Trendy Plus-Size Clothing from Wholesalers - Wholesale Fashion Square
Including trendy plus-size clothing in your boutique offers many benefits to both your customers and improves the success of your boutique. Here's what to know. Did you know 67% of women in America wear sizes between 14 and 34, making the plus-size clothing industry a multi-billion dollar market and rising? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention collects data on everything, even plus-size women. They found the average American woman is 5’4”, 170 pounds, with a waist circumference of 38.7. This is the equivalent of a size 14. It makes you wonder why more retailers aren’t catering to the plus-size woman. If you’re already selling basic wholesale clothing and considering selling trendy plus-size clothing, here are a few more reasons why it’s...
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