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9 Reasons to Purchase Wholesale Clothes in Bulk

9 Reasons to Purchase Wholesale Clothes in Bulk - WFS

Why purchase wholesale clothes in bulk? There are very good reasons. Read on.

Owning a retail clothing business, whether it’s a small boutique or a superstore, it’s important to know the process of acquiring clothing to resell for a profit. It starts at the textile mills, where designers and manufacturers purchase materials to create clothing. The manufacturing team produces large amounts of various items in different sizes to sell to wholesale companies.

A wholesale supplier buys clothing items in bulk at a discount. They then price the clothing and set bulk pricing deals for retailers, who shop the wholesaler’s product lines online, in person, or at a trade show. After choosing clothing items for your customers, you place an order, and the items are shipped to you later.

When your wholesale clothes arrive in your boutique, you determine the price based on your desired profit margins and prepare to sell them to customers.

Of course, there are other ways to purchase clothes for reselling, like buying directly from the designer or artisan. Still, there are at least nine reasons why purchasing wholesale clothes in bulk is a better option.

1. Helps You Get the Right Sized Order

You may think skipping the middleman and going direct to the manufacturer will be better than working with a wholesale supplier. This is not true in the long run. Buying from manufacturers means buying in bulk, big bulk. They require your minimum order to be in the hundreds. Most retailers do not have the storage space to meet this demand. The discount you get doesn’t cover the cost of paying for storage. And what happens if you can’t sell all the items? You lose money.

Most wholesale suppliers have much smaller minimum order requirements and offer small batch ordering so you can test the product in your shop.

2. Provides a Variety of Products

As a store owner, you want to meet the needs of all your customers. You want to make each person feel unique and fabulous, even if they buy similar items. Accessories help people differentiate themselves and add a touch of their personality to an outfit.

A wholesale company is a one-stop shop. They offer clothing, outerwear, handbags, jewelry, perfumes and colognes, gifts, and more. Most wholesale suppliers provide all these items for a broad range of target customers. This allows you to reach more customers of varying sizes, ages, and preferences.

3. Saves Time and Effort

As a business owner, you know that the clothes you sell are a minor factor in running a business. You must also focus on marketing, managing employees, and the process of business operations. Buying from a wholesale supplier allows you to purchase in bulk the items you know will sell. This prevents stress associated with constant reordering and selling out.

To determine how much you will save, document the time it takes to place a reorder. Also, consider the costs of running out of an item for the customer and your business.

4. Supports Your Dreams of Scaling

Scaling your business means taking it to the next level, going bigger, and growing to meet customers’ demands. For example, if you are an online clothing retailer, you can scale by opening brick-and-mortar stores. Or, if you have one boutique, you can scale by opening other boutiques in different locations. If you have dreams of boutique domination, you need a wholesale supplier that makes it easy. Working with a wholesale supplier means placing a larger order when you scale. That’s it.

5. Gives Your Customers Quality Clothing

Quality wholesale suppliers sell quality clothing. When choosing a wholesaler, talk to them about the quality of their items. Get samples and test them out yourself. You will likely find bulk wholesale clothing is durable, fade-resistant, and keeps its original shape. Most wholesale company representatives are eager to tell you about the quality of their products. If they aren’t, find one who does.

There are numerous ways to tell if wholesale clothing is high quality, for example:

  • Material is not see-through (unless it was designed to be)
  • Gaps are not present when you stretch the seams
  • Patterns match at the seams
  • Hems are finished
  • Fabric keeps its shape
  • Zippers are hidden
  • Labels provide a lot of care and quality information

6. Provides You with Inside Scoop and Deals

Building a great relationship with your wholesale supplier representatives can help you learn about upcoming trends, discounts, sales, and promotions. Wholesalers get this key information directly from designers and manufacturers to plan for marketing to retailers. Getting inside scoop and deals helps you get an edge over your competitors.

7. Increases Your Profits

In the end, making a profit is what will keep you living your boutique dreams. Working with a wholesale company allows you to mark your prices higher than buying clothing and accessories through other avenues. Wholesalers want to see you succeed, so they succeed. You can find a wholesaler that will consider your profit margins and may negotiate discounts based on your numbers.

So, know your numbers. To figure out your margins, you can use an online calculator or follow the steps to a formula. Write down your cost of goods sold (COGS) and the price for which you sell them (revenue). Subtract COGS from revenue to get the gross profit. Divide the gross profit by the revenue. You can change this result into a percentage if you want.

8. Costs You Less in Shipping

Some wholesalers provide shipping if you meet a specific limit in your orders. Others offer discounts on the size of your bulk orders. You can work on shipping with your wholesale supplier but do so before contracts are signed to secure the deal.

9. It’s Easy

Working with a wholesale supplier is easy, and you can start today by researching companies online. Visit their sites, read the fine print, check out their product lines, and read all reviews. You can also begin communications with the wholesale team.

Buy Wholesale Clothes in Bulk

Purchasing wholesale clothing in bulk benefits you, your boutique, and your customers.


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