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Our 2019 Summer Color Palette

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Still hanging on to shades of black, navy, and grey from the somber days of winter? It’s time for a change! The rapid approach of summer has us planning a colorful closet overhaul with a focus on fresh, bright hues for the carefree days ahead. In preparation for summer, we put together a vibrant palette of five trending colors, from a pastel shade with serious staying power to neons that are anything but neutral. Read on to find out why we love these summer colors and how you can make them a part of your wardrobe.

Ballet Pink

Millenial pink, delicate pink, rose, baby pink…whatever you call this color, there’s no doubting the power of pink! Pale pink has been a fashion staple for several seasons, and its appeal shows no signs of waning.

Why We Love It: Ballet pink is super-flattering on lots of skin tones, which may explain its longevity as a trending shade. Because it tends to read as a quasi-neutral, pale pink also a great mix-and-match option for pairing with bolder pieces; try wearing it with a more saturated shade for a modern take on color blocking. Last but certainly not least, it looks fantastic with a summertime tan.

How to Wear It: Even if you don’t consider yourself a girly-girl, there’s plenty of room for pink in your summer wardrobe. Because ballet pink is so close to neutral colors like blush and nude, it’s a great way to add a touch of personality to staple pieces. A light pink tank top, sundress, or tee makes a versatile piece you’ll reach for all season long.

Turmeric Orange

This shade first splashed onto the scene in early 2019 as the Pantone color Turmeric, which popped up in countless trend reports. Since then, we’ve seen attention-grabbing pops of orange in countless collections, and we can’t wait to try out this color for ourselves.

Why We Love It: Trend forecasters have called this vibrant orange shade “enlivening,” so we think it’s the perfect pick for infusing some energy into summer outfits. A dash of turmeric is a fantastic addition to your vacation wardrobe—you might even match it up with a ballet pink piece from above!

How to Wear It: Orange isn’t always the most flattering shade—or the easiest to pair with other hues—so you might feel apprehensive about trying out this trend. If you’re wary of allover orange, stick to pieces that you can wear away from your face, like shorts or wide-legged pants. To tone down the spice levels of turmeric orange, pair it with crisp white, deep navy, or other sophisticated neutrals, plus gold jewelry.

Neon Green

Like turmeric orange, this color trend isn’t for the faint of heart—but it’s well worth embracing if you consider yourself a forward-thinking fashionista. Designers like Alice & Olivia, Jeremy Scott, and Christian Siriano all showed off lime green pieces for 2019, and we couldn’t be more ready to join them in making this the color of the summer.

Why We Love It: As a statement shade, neon green feels fresh, dramatic, and utterly unexpected. It infuses your outfit with confidence, and has all the dramatic appeal of a large-scale print without feeling too busy.

How to Wear It: Neon green is the most daring color trend in our roundup, so the key to success here is keeping the rest of your look simple. Let a single neon piece—like a sleek mini dress—take center stage, then keep your shoes and accessories understated to avoid looking like you’re headed to a 90s theme party.

Princess Blue

Elegant, eye-catching, and exceptionally flattering, it’s no wonder that this take on cobalt blue has been favored by designers in 2019. Longchamp, Tibi, and Zadig & Voltaire were among the designers who propelled princess blue to the top of the year’s trend reports.

Why We Love It: We’re officially obsessed with this color for several reasons. First, jewel tones look great on almost every complexion. Second, it’s perfectly cool and refreshing for the hottest days of the year. Finally, it’s the ideal alternative to navy for summer days when that staple shade feels too serious.

How to Wear It: If you’re in search of a pop of color for your next special occasion, this royal shade will have you feeling like, well, a princess. A formal dress or jumpsuit in princess blue is our top pick for summertime weddings, galas, and more.

Bright White

While the “no white after Labor Day” rule has long been overturned, there’s still something about summer that makes us long for the crisp simplicity of bright white.

Why We Love It: The colors we’ve listed above all make bold statements, and classic white is the perfect counterpoint for summer’s more dramatic hues. White attire is also timeless, elegant, and cool enough for even the most scorching temperatures.

How to Wear It: With anything! We’re always enamored of white lace for summer, but we also recommend stocking up on staple pieces—like a sharp white button-down blouse, white jeans, and a few classic white tees—for mixing and matching with the season’s vibrant hues and dramatic prints.

Which colors are dominating your closet for summer 2019? Share the essential shades for your seasonal wardrobe in the comments!

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