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7 Fall Fabrics to Surely Include in Your Boutique

7 Fall Fabrics to Surely Include in Your Boutique - WFS

It’s the season to find the top fall fabrics for your boutique. But, where do you even start to look and how to choose? Here’s a guide to help.

Football, pumpkin patches, leaves changing colors and cozying up under a blanket with coffee and a good book are just a few favorites of the Fall season. Most people are happy to transition from the summer heat to cooler temperatures, from shorts and tees to fashionable layers, from flip flops to boots. Fall is a favorite for many people.

There are specific qualities buyers are looking for in clothing today, like comfort while working from home. Yet, not so comfortable your coworkers think you are wearing pajamas in a zoom meeting. Customers want sustainability as well as transitional items. With the right clothing fabrics, Fall can ease them into Winter looking and feeling your best without the need to buy a whole new wardrobe.

This is what you want your boutique customers to experience. The way to make this happen is to understand the seven fall fabrics to include in your boutique.

1. Denim

Think cotton, lots of cotton, made with a twill weave. Woven in a ribbed pattern creates denim and the most popular item, blue jeans. Per reports, it takes two pounds of cotton to make one pair of denim blue jeans. Now, think about this, 450 million jeans are sold worldwide every year. Everyone loves blue jeans, especially in the Fall. They go with everything, including a new trendy sweater and ankle boots.

Denim is a fall fabric must in your boutique. While blue jeans will likely sell the best, you may add a denim alternative like skirts, jumpers, overalls, or even a dress. Knowing your target customer helps when choosing various blue jeans for your shop. Don’t buy flares with appliques or heavily distressed skinny jeans if you are selling to senior ladies.

Your wholesale company can help you create an order of blue jeans perfect for your varied customer base. They can also help you choose Fall tops your customers will love, like a wool sweater, a hot trend this year.

2. Wool

When you first think of wool, you may remember your grandma’s wool that made you itch and sweat. Wool has come a long way since then. The U.S. military is one of the biggest customers of wool fabric. There are at least nine varieties of wool from the fleece of animals, including angora, alpaca, Shetland, mohair, and lambswool.

Merino and cashmere are the perfect fall wool fabrics your customers will love. With a pastel cardigan, you will have a versatile item to wear with jeans or dressier clothing. They are lightweight yet warm and feel soft. They are easily layered and come in beautiful colors that match the new trends.

Wool is one fabric that can be used alone or with other great materials, like polyester.

3. Polyester

Polyester has advanced beyond the solid-colored pants with elastic waistband pants and skirts you once found in department stores. Today, it is a desirable fabric that is easy to clean and long-lasting. Plus, it is incredibly versatile.

Polyester is a synthetic material that is used alone or easily blended with cotton and many other fabrics. It is durable, rarely wrinkles, and keeps its color. It’s flexible, making it comfortable, and depending on the weave, it can feel soft or coarse, making it perfect for a wide range of clothing types.

Kimonos made of polyester are great items to sell in your boutique. It serves as a cover for other clothing, elevating style while providing extra warmth and moisture resistance.

If you pair polyester with spandex, you can have the perfect pair of leggings.

4. Spandex Mix

Leggings have taken over the world. Selling them in your boutique is an easy way to make a good profit on an item in all seasons, especially Fall. They aren’t the only clothes with spandex, however, that customers love.

Tops, dresses, and pants with spandex give customers form-fitting comfort. Spandex can de dyed to match trendy colors and patterns. This may be why reports claim spandex is in 80% of the clothing sold in America.

If you don’t’ want spandex in your clothing, you can get it in accessories like belts, swimsuits, socks, gloves, hosiery, or underwear.

5. Acrylic

Acrylic is another man-made fabric with many uses. It doesn’t shrink, wrinkle, or lose color. Acrylic is an excellent option for clothing because it is moisture-wicking, easy to clean, and resists soils, oils, and mildew. Acrylic keeps you warm, which is why it is often used as lining for jackets and coats.

Clothing items to look for in acrylic include sweaters, especially with the trending waffle pattern this Fall. Acrylic clothing is trending in hi-lo styles with different lengths in the front and back and a side split. Also, acrylic oversized fluffy sweaters, dresses, hats, socks, scarves, and kimonos made from acrylic are great investments for your wardrobe. Some items may have the texture of wool but without the itch.

6. Rayon

Rayon is often mixed with other fabrics, like polyester, to make durable, colorful products. It can be used alone also. Rayon is a synthetic fabric, but it is made from natural sources. It can be manipulated to recreate the feeling of linen, wool, silk, and cotton.

Rayon, even when mixed with polyester or other fabrics, makes clothing soft and luxurious. Tunics, skirts, dresses, lingerie, and a lining are ways rayon can be used in clothing.

7. Fabric Combinations

Whether clothing is blended with spandex and polyester, polyester and cotton, rayon and cotton, or any other combination, you can expect an elevated use of fabrics. The goal is to help you feel better while also looking great.

Also coming this Fall may be mixtures of new fabrics made from natural sources, like bamboo, Tencel, and modal. Clothing sounds bionic when talking about its sunblocking, microbe-killing, waterproofing, antistatic, yet stylish and fashion-forward characteristics.

Grab Your Fall Fabrics Today

To buy clothing for your boutique, research your target customers. Choose flattering fabrics that make all your customers feel and look great. Provide fabric options. Doing so will establish the loyal, satisfied customer base you deserve.


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