14 Jun

Fall 2018 Accessories Trends

5 Fall 2018 Accessories to Stock

Accessories hold the power of taking an outfit from blah to ba-bow in an instant. This year’s fall accessories are doing just that, and we can’t get enough of their eye-catching flair. Keep reading to get the lowdown on 5 of the biggest ensemble add-ons you’ll see— and love to wear— this autumn.

1. Fringe Frenzy

Fringe makes a comeback! Tassels accompanied by feathers and 1970’s-inspired fringe is back. From neutral leathers and pleathers to metallic strings, the aesthetics of fringe are more versatile than you may think. If you’re really feeling this fringe thing, go wild with a fringed dress, tank or vest. If you want to try it out for the first time, we recommend carrying a bag sporting tassels or putting on some fringe earrings.

2. Feelin’ Blue

Blue, blue and more blue! Azul, bleu, whatever you call the cool hue, we’ve spotted tons of it on the runways this year, and we’re not feeling blue about it at all. It’s the color of this year’s spring season and it’ll be bleeding into fall and winter as well, as a medium blue is part of Pantone’s fall/winter color palette. An easy way to wear the sky is alongside white in vertical stripes or on a complementary accessory. A bolder ensemble would be an all-blue frock or blue accessories from head to toe.

3. Oversized Shades

Big sunglasses are back. You can put your teensy sunnies deep in your accessories bin for now because the second half of 2018 is all about large shades. Huge sunglasses have a way of instantly adding polish and drama to any look, plain or funky. Because sunglasses are easy to take off (especially if you want to show off your wicked winged eyeliner), we think you can wear them with nearly any outfit. If you have a smaller face and are worried about being overpowered by a plastic pair, pad the nose piece of your glasses so they stay put on your nose bridge — and try different shapes (think ovular, cat-eye, circular) to find your perfect fit.

4. Earrings

Exiting earrings, gigantic hoops and other larger-than-life pairs, are probably the easiest way to add interest to any look. This year, we’re seeing blingy, glittering, chunky and dangling lobe jewelry all over the place. There seems to be no rules when it comes to 2018’s earrings, so whether you like silver, gold, rose gold, pearls, plastic, bright colors, pastels or jewel tones— go for it! Pair these fun accessories with a simple tee, light-wash denim and a military-inspired jacket or let ’em sing alongside an equally funky outfit. Don’t forget to pull your hair back in a high ponytail or loose, messy bun at the nape of your neck to show off your sparkles.

5. Say Yes to the Scarf

Scarves are the trendy item of the season we’re most excited about. Why? It’s unexpected and we haven’t seen it make the rounds in a while. Like the eccentric earring trend, scarves play by no rules. Whether you choose dramatic ruffles in starchy fabrics or a pared-down neckerchief in semi- transparent gauze, wear scarves however, wherever and with whatever you please.

Which fall trend are you most stoked for? Which could you live without? We want to know — tell us below!

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