18 Nov

Is Opening a Boutique Online a Practical Business Venture?

Is Opening a Boutique Online a Practical Business Venture - WFS
We live in a digital age where opening a boutique online has never been easier, but is it a good idea in such a saturated market? Continue reading to weigh your options. Do you have a brick-and-mortar boutique and are looking to reach more customers through an online service? Or are you opening a boutique online as your first business venture, wondering if online is the way to go? Some may call the online boutique market saturated, with  2.5 million online today in America. But that shouldn't deter you from opening your own. As long as opening a boutique online is practical, you should go for it. What is a Practical Business Venture? A practical business venture uses facts and plans, not dreams and...
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7 Nov

7 Retail Checkout Counter Ideas That Your Customers Will Notice

7 Retail Checkout Counter Ideas That Your Customers Will Notice - WFS
The customer checkout experience at a boutique is crucial to the success of your business. Not only is the checkout one of the last impressions your customers will have, but it's an opportunity to make a sale. Read on for retail checkout counter ideas that will grab your customer's attention. Ever had a day in the boutique when every customer in the store decides to check out at the same time? They stand there, one behind the other, staring directly at you, some a little more intensely than others. Occasionally they may look around the store, like when you catch them giving you the evil eye. There are many ways to keep customers happy and distracted while waiting in line at the...
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2 Nov

Winter Wholesale Clothing: 7 Trends for the Holiday Season

Winter Wholesale Clothing 7 Trends for the Holiday Season - WFS
Depending on where you live, winter can mean something different. For some, brutally cold is an understatement, with temperatures below freezing and snow that sticks around until Spring. Read on to learn how to incorporate holiday trends into your purchasing of winter wholesale clothing. For others, winter can mean wearing pants instead of shorts or switching flip-flops for closed-toe shoes. Fortunately, the Winter 2022 trends apply to every region. They are easy to recreate for every budget and personality. Your goal is to make your customers look and feel like they have just walked the runway. You also want them to feel like they got it on sale. Buying winter wholesale clothing can make this a reality. Why Buy Winter Wholesale Clothing? Winter wholesale...
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25 Oct

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Boutique Items

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Boutique Items - WFS
There are close to 159,000 clothing boutiques in America. That means there are also 159.000 boutique owners who, at some point, wonder how to choose the best wholesale boutique items. Some have figured it out, and others are still trying. It can be stressful trying to figure out which clothing or jewelry your customers will love enough to make a purchase. Fortunately, you can take some specific steps to make the decision easier, detailed below. As you will see, the first few steps have nothing to do with the products. Set a Budget Before you make any purchases, you must consider your budget. Creating a budget will help you avoid overspending. Budgets are about numbers, and your costs are the first to know....
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20 Oct

Retail Display Ideas for Boutique Clothing and Jewelry

Retail Display Ideas for Boutique Clothing and Jewelry - WFS
When online shopping is one of your competitors, you must find ways to connect with your customers and give them a unique shopping experience. How you display clothing and jewelry is one way to accomplish this goal. Read on to learn about retail display ideas you can seamlessly incorporate into your boutique. When you think of retail display, you may think of glass display cases, mannequins, or posters with models wearing the products you sell, all of which are great. However, they must stand out. Remember that the customer's experience and the layout of your store are crucial to its success. Displays are meant to grab the customer’s attention, engage them, tell a story, and help customers see themselves wearing your...
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13 Oct

The Value of Buying Wholesale Jewelry in Bulk

Guide to Buying Wholesale Jewelry in Bulk - Wholesale Fashion Square
Before buying wholesale jewelry in bulk, learn more about the different types of wholesale jewelry in bulk available through suppliers. When something has value, it implies there is something added to it that makes it better or more beneficial. This is especially true when weighing the value of buying wholesale jewelry in bulk. Everyone from the designer to the customer wins when you buy wholesale jewelry in bulk. You get to pass on the savings to your customers, offering them a discount that doesn't affect your revenue. Your profit margins are higher due to the discounts of purchasing in bulk. Types of Wholesale Jewelry Costume, Hand-made artisan, gold, and designer jewelry are the most common types of jewelry. Every kind of jewelry is different...
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5 Oct

Include These Fall Fashion Colors in Your Boutique

Include These Fall Fashion Colors in Your Boutique - WFS
Pantone is considered the universal language of color for designers, brands, and manufacturers. Here's a guide on incorporating Pantone's 2022/2023 fall fashion colors into your boutique. What comes to mind when you see "Martini Olive"? How about "Orange Tiger," "Lava Falls," "Amazon," and "Rose Violet"? We get it if you want to order a drink in a volcanic jungle while hanging with an orange tiger. If vibrant colors come to mind, we get it even more. The Pantone Color Institute reports these colors are the colors for this Fall. Along with the ones listed, they also recommend colors such as "Midnight," "Arctic Wolf," "Autumn Blonde," "Polar Night," "Loden Frost," "Chiseled Stone," "Caramel Café," "Samoan Sun," Waterspout," and "nosegay." Think about your customers. They...
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28 Sep

Product Sourcing for Retail: Why Finding a Quality Wholesale Vendor is Key

Product Sourcing for Retail: Finding a Quality Wholesale Vendor - WFS
Product sourcing for retail can be overwhelming. Where do you start and what's the best plan of action? Here are helpful tips. Finding products to sell in your retail business is much easier than finding products that will sell. Some reports suggest having a sourcing strategy that involves determining what products you need, market research, finding the right vendors, testing product quality, contract creation, and inventory planning. When sourcing products, you must purchase for your customer, not yourself. Fortunately, whenever a customer enters your store, you can gather information to help you choose the right products. Customer behaviors give you great insight into their preferences. You can learn a lot from what customers buy or don’t buy. Find a way to keep track of...
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18 Sep

How to Choose Jewelry for Women to Sell in Your Boutique

How to Choose Jewelry for Women to Sell in Your Boutique - WFS
Choosing jewelry for women for your boutique is a delicate yet fun process. Here's a helpful guide. Reports on how women purchase jewelry show major changes happening. The fact that women are buying their own jewelry is one. Currently, 56% of jewelry buyers are women between the ages of 25 and 34. Out of this group, 35% prefer white gold. People of every income level and age are spending money on jewelry each year online and in the 52,331 retail stores in America. Women over 55 typically spend around $1200 yearly on jewelry, while those below 55 spend about $600 annually. Women earning six figures or more tend to spend more, closer to $2000. Choosing Jewelry for Women The group of women who buy...
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14 Sep

Tips and Tricks for Buying Wholesale Merchandise for Resale

Tips and Tricks for Buying Wholesale Merchandise for Resale - Wholesale Fashion Square
If you're new to buying wholesale merchandise for resale, it's good to get ahead of the game and know the best tips. Read on. Buying wholesale merchandise for resale is one step of many required to run a successful business. Understanding the wholesale industry is crucial. Wholesale companies offer discounts that increase as the number of items you purchase increases. Some refer to it as buying in bulk. If you learn what it takes to become a master wholesale buyer, you will feel like you hit the jackpot, with the rewards being higher profits and happy customers. What Does It Mean to Buy Wholesale Merchandise for Resale? As a retailer, you have options for purchasing items to sell in your store. You can...
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