29 Apr

5 Skirt Styles Trending This Summer

When those summer temperatures soar, skirts are the preferred alternative to slipping on a stifling pair of denim jeans or a long pair of pants. After all, they immediately add to the perceived effort you put into an outfit while being inherently more comfortable than the large majority of other choices. A skirt can be short or long, quirky or refined, but one thing’s for sure: they’re a necessary part of a complete closet. Alas, the skirts that are on-trend change as often as the seasons, so it’s important to keep up with the ever-fickle whims of the fashion world to know what’s popular right now.


Floral prints are a timeless, ever-present trend that permeates our closets in the warmer months, so it’s not really a shock that it’s once again a trending pattern this season. While spring is a time for intricate floral prints in lighter shades, use summer to experiment with bigger, bolder floral prints and brighter hues. A striking pink skirt is a stand-out piece that adds a little playful energy to your ensemble. Pair it with a white tank top and nude sandals and hit the beach! If you’re looking to mix patterns during your summer stroll, try a bold fitted floral skirt instead!


A button-up skirt can give an outfit an air of chic sophistication. While the standard button-up style places the buttons directly in the front, like this mustard detail skirt, you can play around with their orientation to change the style’s effect around a bit. A skirt with an uneven hemline where the buttons are placed on the left side of the skirt creates a clever asymmetrical look, which is especially great since asymmetrical styles are also very on-trend this season, as we’ll discuss later. You can also have two lines of buttons placed on opposite sides to emulate the nautical feel of sailor shorts. And what better season is there to look as though you’re preparing to set out for the open sea?


Ruffles are the best way to add a little flowing texture to your outfit. Even when your day is lacking that light summer breeze, you’ll blow everyone away when you don a skirt that’s gathered into whimsical creases and frills. There’s plenty of different ways to create ruffles on a skirt. A wrap style skirt knots on the side and lets the fabric hang loosely and rest in a rippling formation. A wild leopard print mini skirt, on the other hand, uses layers and lace detailing. No matter which method you employ, the end result will be just as effective, and, when coupled with other patterns, you’ll have an amazing, animated piece that reflects the sunshine and fun times well-associated with the season.


Why should you have to decide between a knee-length skirt and one that brushes the floor? This summer, show off your individuality and have the best of both worlds with an asymmetrical skirt! Asymmetrical silhouettes, which are short on one side and long on the other, can make you appear taller and draw attention to your shoes. If you’re seeking a unique and creative skirt, an asymmetrical skirt is the way to go. It’s sophisticated enough for a day at the office but fun enough for a weekend with friends! Of course, the asymmetry doesn’t have to take effect left to right; it can also occur when the front of the skirt is shorter than the back, like the skirt seen here.

Stylish Slit

A slit cut skirt is nothing new, but it’s the placement of the slit that can make a skirt playful and unconventional. Instead of wearing the slit on the side, consider a fitted lace-up chain mini skirt where the slit is right under the lace detailing in the center! Or, pick a skirt where the fabric is gathered in an area to create a sort of improvised opening on one side, like a mustard button detail slit skirt. This method also implements the trends of buttons and ruffles we’ve already discussed, so it’s a true win-win!

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