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The Types of Fall Wholesale Clothing to Stock This Fall

The Types of Fall Wholesale Clothing to Stock This Fall - WFS

It’s that time to check out the latest fall wholesale clothing trends. Here’s a helpful guide.

Fall is almost here. You can tell by the unpredictable weather patterns. One day you are rocking your mini-dress and strappy sandals; the next, you must wear jeans layered with tees and sweaters. Fall seems to bring about excitement, especially when shopping for new clothes. If you own a clothing boutique, you can capitalize on this excitement by stocking high-quality yet affordable clothes for your customers.

When planning to purchase Fall wholesale clothing, take time to think like your customers. What activities will they participate in this Fall? Do they need clothes for work, school, working out, play, or all the above? What are their personalities and preferences? How much do they want to spend?

Once you’ve considered your customer base, you can start searching for the perfect types of Fall wholesale clothing to stock. Below are some must-have items that can be adapted to match your customer.

Graphic Tees

Every customer needs a graphic tee. They make layering easy; today, graphic tees are paired with skirts, jeans, leggings, and more. The design on the t-shirt should represent your brand but also cater to the lifestyle of your customers. For example, if your brand is about sustainable, eco-friendly clothing, your graphic tee designs should promote green living in a way that matches your customer’s style.

Suppose you want to sell a simple t-shirt with “Save the Earth” on the front. If your customers enjoy a lot of bling, choose the tee with the words written in rhinestones. If they are international travelers, sell the tee with “Save the Earth’ written in multiple languages. You get the idea.

Graphic tees can be found for every holiday, like Halloween and Thanksgiving for the Fall. Other wholesale options include designs for pets, sports, skulls, religion, and more. Plus, you can add variety by choosing different sleeves, sizes, lengths, and neck options.


Fall means colder weather is on the horizon. It only lasts about three months, a time of transition from summer to winter. During this time, your customers will need the right types of outerwear. Think adaptable, multi-use, and quick changes to match the weather of the moment.

Sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and jackets are big sellers in the Fall. They are easy to pull on or off and go with most bottoms. Designers have combined shirts and jackets to create the Shacket in numerous colors and patterns.

All-time favorites are the versatile snap-front and open-front cardigans. They go with just about everything and flatter all figures.

Other essential outerwear is vests, ponchos, and kimonos in varying lengths and materials. Lightweight and sheer for early Fall and a thick fleece for late Fall. Options include fur-lined, military style, fringed hems, and buffalo plaid, to name a few. Make sure the outerwear you sell has pockets for your customers to store essentials, like beauty products and cell phones, or to warm their hands.


Denim is hot right now. Long-sleeve denim shirts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers are on retail shelves around the country. The must-have denim item for every person on the planet is a good pair of jeans. Today, there are options for every customer. Ripped jeans are not going away anytime soon. Consider the age of your customer when buying wholesale ripped jeans.

No matter how cool they are, you do not want grandmothers to wear ripped jeans that show most of the thigh. They will look better in a dark denim classic style or bright-colored skinny jeans with an oversized sweater.

Look for jeans that flatter women of all shapes. Today, you can find jeans in all shades of blue and many other colors. You can find jeans designed to lift, nip, and tuck in straight, flared, and cropped legs. To help you choose the right ones, observe what your customers wear when they shop in your boutique. Then, find that style in wholesale blue jeans.


Fall is the perfect time for stylish headwear that can serve more than one purpose. First, it must make you look good. Second, it must provide warmth from the cold or protection from the sun or wind. Third, it must make you look good.

Popular today are berets, fedoras, beanies, and even brimmed hats. The hats your customers buy should match the occasion or event they attend. Beanies don’t require much effort in styling and are great for going to work, running errands, or cheering on your favorite football team. Berets are a bit more sophisticated. Some people keep them on all day and wear them as accessories rather than for functionality.

If your customers aren’t into hats but still want their ears to be warm, you can offer them infinity scarves that can be worn as wraps, muffs, or headbands in knit or fleece that wrap around the head but only cover the ears.


Athleisure is a relatively new item in the clothing industry, a cross between sporty and relaxing. Styles range from “staying in bed all day” to “running errands” to “attending a casual business meeting. How fancy or not depends on your customer base.

Athleisure sets that are sold as one item are a big hit. But when you show your customers how buying two sets means double the number of mix-and-match outfit options, they are an even bigger hit. Sets for the Fall season should include full-length bottoms and a jacket. Solid-colored sets are great for those who want to show off their personality with the top they wear under the coat. Solid colors are easy to dress up with jewelry and accessories and dress down for lounging.

Offer a great variety of top options. Customers can purchase five or six tops to create outfits for multiple occasions.

Grab Fall Wholesale Clothing Today!

Shopping for Fall wholesale clothing to stock should be fun and rewarding. Your customers will be happy, and your profits will increase. It’s a win-win that you can enjoy until it is time to purchase Winter wholesale clothing to stock.


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