18 Feb

The Importance of High Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing

The Importance of High Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing - WFS

Why buy high quality boutique wholesale clothing? Here’s a helpful guide with tips to keep in mind.

Customers want and deserve the best prices, the best customer service, and the best clothing quality. They want to spend money on an outfit that looks great, feels great, and will last for years. Clothing matters more than you may think. Today, it’s true you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to clothing.

Many clothing items are advertised one way and arrive completely different. Because they are so cheap, buyers end up keeping them to avoid the hassle of a return. This does not make your customers happy. High quality clothing will make them happy.

Below are the reasons behind the importance of high quality boutique wholesale clothing.

High Quality Clothing Means High Resale Value

Millions of people sell their used clothing items on auction sites like eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark. When your customers are finished wearing a piece of clothing from your boutique, they will be thrilled if they can recoup some of their costs by reselling it. This is one of many incentives to purchase the item in the first place.

This is also good news for you. If you aren’t currently selling online, you can start by selling overstock items or returns. Your boutique can reach an entirely new set of customers worldwide in the process.

High Quality Clothing Increases Confidence

Have you ever worn an outfit and had to worry whether the zipper would break, the seams would split, or that everyone could see your personal parts because the material is so thin? The wrong piece of clothing, a low-quality piece, can rock your confidence.

As a boutique owner, it’s your job to make your customers feel confident in the clothing they purchase. This job is so much easier to do when selling high quality clothing.

High Quality Clothing Is Affordable

No, no, it’s true. You can afford to purchase high quality clothing for your customers by purchasing them from a wholesale supplier.

Wholesale suppliers work directly with manufacturers. This means your clothes make one stop before arriving at your boutique. It goes from the manufacturer to the wholesaler to you. Less travel and handling mean you get the clothing at its highest quality.

If you buy clothing from tradeshows or online vendors, travel time increases, and quality decreases.

High Quality Clothing Is Eco-Friendly

Cheap clothes that tear, rip, and split end up in the trash can. They then travel to the landfill where they sit and rot if they are not made of biodegradable materials.

A survey found the average American throws out 81 pounds of clothing every year. Now picture the piles of clothing just sitting at the landfill.

By selling high quality clothing in your boutique, you give customers items that last for years, not just one year. Plus, quality clothing manufacturers don’t usually employ underage laborers in sweatshops.

Some designers call high quality clothing “slow fashion” because it takes longer to make them. But taking longer is a good thing. It means fewer chemicals are used, which is always better for the environment.

So, how do you know if clothing is high quality or low-quality?

High Quality Clothing Characteristics

High quality clothing is made with the best materials. Wool, cotton, linen, and some synthetics are superior to other fabrics. By selling clothing made from the best fabrics, you ensure your customers get the longest wear out of the most durable items.

Another characteristic of high quality clothing is tailoring, or how it fits the body. High quality pants, tops, jackets, and other items make it look as if the clothing was sewn specifically for the person wearing it. With cheaper quality clothing, the clothes are not as precisely measured. Whether the shoulder seams hang lower than the shoulder, the neckline stretches to an odd shape, or hemlines vary, you can tell it is a low-quality item.

High quality clothing doesn’t fade, shrink, or unravel during wash cycles. There are specific instructions for cleaning, and when followed, your clothing will look new for a long time.

Buying High Quality Clothing for Your Boutique

You may be wondering where to start buying high quality clothing for your boutique. There is really only one place, a wholesale supplier. When searching for a wholesale supplier, don’t forget that you are hiring them, not the other way around.

Working with a wholesaler means not only do you get the best bulk pricing, but you can also get information, lots of information, about the clothing they sell. They work closely with manufacturers and can provide information on how it is made, materials, and more.

Below are some tips for choosing the right wholesale supplier for buying high quality clothing:

  • They can give you answers to all your questions regarding quality, design, etc.
  • They will have a great variety of high quality clothing items.
  • They offer small batch ordering so you can test the products in your boutique.
  • Their prices are affordable even though the items are high quality.
  • You maintain good profit margins.
  • They work with manufacturers who ensure craftsmanship and best practices, and technologies.
  • Your shipping costs are fair, and they meet the delivery deadlines.

Take this list and make it your own. Add to it or substitute traits you must have from your wholesale supplier. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references and always check their online reviews. Call customer service to see how you are treated. Contact a company representative to ask questions about the products, shipping, minimum orders, price points, and deadlines.

Negotiating for a better price or reduced shipping costs is never out of the question with the right wholesale company. The key to negotiations is to be fair and make sure the wholesaler can still make money.

Final Thought

Buying bulk high quality clothing for your boutique from an online wholesaler gives you more time to focus on other parts of your business. They are a one-stop-shop, a place where you can shop at one place for all the products you want to sell in your retail store.

You will know you have found the perfect wholesale supplier when they meet your must-have list requirements.


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